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The 2011 Winter Team

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My name is Yansong, I’m currently an international student at SFU. I come from China and arrived in Vancouver on Sep. 5th 2010. Vancouver is such a beautiful place and I really enjoy living and studying here!

I’m major in Computing Science and now in my 3rd year, actually I spent my first two years of college study in ZU, China. During my study at ZU, I once worked on a web-based project when I was taking the course Software Engineering. That project is developed in PHP, the database we use is MySQL and there are also some script languages we use like CSS and JavaScript in that project. I’m very interested in learning new programming languages and looking forward for working with Ruby on Rails!

I chose CS major because I like coding and really enjoy the feeling of working together with a group of brilliant guys to achieve the same goal and racing with the time. When I was doing the course Software Engineering, there always be a big DEADLINE ahead coming closer and closer, while with the hard work of my teammates and I we finally went through and got the highest scores in that course! This experience brought me both hardship and happiness.

Now with the help of our nice and warm supervisors I believe we all will learn much in this project and let’s make our MarkUs better and better!

Following is my photo taken in Stanley Park

Misa Sakamoto
U of T

My name is Misa and I’m a 4th year in CS: Software Engineering at UofT. This will be my second term working on MarkUs. This summer term, I worked on a web-based repository browser project for Basie, using Pinax/Django. I also just finished a 16month internship at IBM. Aside from programming, I’m also interested in psychology, teaching, and dogs 🙂

Ibrahim Shahin
U of M

My name is Ibrahim and I’m a fourth year Computer Science student at the University of Manitoba. I’ve worked at Electronic Arts, developing various tools and working on metagame design, and at Frantic Films/Prime Focus, developing pipeline tools for artists. My main areas of interest in computer science are artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction.

I haven’t done much web development or Ruby on Rails which is why I wanted to work on Markus. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, watching movies, and playing video games.

Karel Kahula
University of Manitoba

My name is Karel. I am a fourth year Computer Science student at the U of Manitoba. I became interested in Computer Science because I like the feeling of solving problems, improving existing systems and the team work involved in designing solutions.

My previous experiences include web application development for Wawanesa Insurance, database application support for the Province of Manitoba and pipeline tool development at Prime Focus.

Outside of school and programming, I enjoy traveling, watching movies and playing video games.

Concentration gives me googley-eyes.

Danesh Dadachanji
U of T

Hello everyone, my name is Danesh and I am a 3rd year undergrad at the University of Toronto. I started out as a Math major with a first year CS course on the side but I almost immediately changed to CS because I found it much more enjoyable. Since then I’ve become very active in the community and as of this year have joined the student union.

As a project for my software engineering course, I worked on an announcement system website for a high school in the GTA. It was done using the PHP framework, CodeIgniter and a MySQL database. I’ve also programmed in Java, Python and C.

I enjoy playing video games (when I’m not buried under school work) and love to snow board. I also have a tendency of scripting in bash and automating something or the other while I’m procrastinating.

Tobi Ogunbiyi

U of T

Hello, I am a third year student studying Computer Science, specializing in Software Engineering. I chose to study Computer Science because I enjoy solving problems through programming. My experience with MarkUs so far has been in submitting programming assignments. As soon as I got to know that MarkUs is one of the projects offered by UCOSP, I was interested in developing MarkUs.

My skill set has been greatly influence by programming in Java, Python, C, and Bash Scripting. A lot of the experience I have was obtained has been in Java and Python. I have also had to slam together scripts in Bash. I look forward to learning a lot of Ruby and Rails programming while I contribute to the project.

I love the outdoors so during my leisure time, I like to play outdoor soccer, outdoor basketball, the drums, and video games (I am a huge fan of Steam! :D). I am really excited about working with you on MarkUs and I look forward to meeting you.

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