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Work Started, Work Completed, and Work Yet to Come

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Whoops – we’ve already started off a brand new semester, and we forgot to write about what happened in the Fall!

So, without further delay, here’s what happened with the UCOSP team last semester for MarkUs:

Projects that we started…

There were 3 main projects last semester.  In no particular order, they were…

Re-mark Requests

Vivien and Misa were tasked with implementing a re-mark request feature.  This feature would allow students to request re-marks, and have graders / instructors issue re-marks, all within MarkUs.

    Dashboard Statistics

    Hora and Kurtis were asked to put some graphs into the MarkUs dashboard to display mark distributions and other useful data.

    Automated Testing Framework

    Evan was put to work tackling the long-awaited automated testing framework feature.  The idea is that students (and graders) should be able to run submitted code through a series of testing suites, and get the test results back, all within MarkUs.

    You can read about each project in more detail here.

      What got finished…

      Misa and Vivien put together some great mock-ups for the Remark request GUI, sorted out a new database schema to support it, and wrote the majority of the code to get the feature working.  There are still some leftover bits that still need to be merged, and Misa / Vivien will be finishing up that work in the next few weeks.

      Kurtis and Hora found a great Javascript graphing library to use (Bluff), and also figured out how to nicely cache statistics within MarkUs in order to keep the Dashboard snappy.  The code is more or less finished, and just needs to be merged.

      When he wasn’t helping us with user and developer support, Evan was kicking butt on the automated testing framework, and he got a lot done – especially with regards to the token system, which allows instructors to control how many times a student can run tests.  There is still some work to do before the automated testing framework can be considered finished, and will likely be pushed at again this semester.

      What’s left to do…

      So, for the re-mark requests and dashboard statistics, we need to do some last minute merging and polish.  For automated testing, we’re definitely going to need another round of focused development.

      Anyhow, that’s where we got to.

      Great job everyone!

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      January 11th, 2011 at 2:33 pm

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      Who is Doing What: Winter 2010

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      The MarkUs team is meeting weekly on #markus on Fridays at 3:30PM.  Every Thursday, each member of the team (including myself) must come up with a “punchline” status update.  These updates are short, bulleted, straight-to-the-point reports that tell us how everybody is doing.  They follow a very simple format: see these three examples.  The punchlines need to be published on this blog every Thursday, and it is every team member’s responsibility to give them a read before coming into the meeting.

      But instead of everybody logging in and editing a single blog post for the status updates, we’ll rotate responsibility for collecting/publishing punchlines every week.  Similarly, we will rotate the duty of converting our IRC meeting logs into notes.

      Here’s the schedule outlining who is doing what each week.  Teammates:  I highly suggest bookmarking this page.

      • Jan 22:  punchlines:  Mike, minutes:  Robert
      • Jan 29:  punchlines:  Robert, minutes:  Farah
      • Feb 5:  punchlines:  Farah, minutes:  Joseph
      • Feb 12:  punchlines:  Joseph, minutes:  Victoria
      • Feb 19:  punchlines:  Victoria, minutes:  Bryan S
      • Feb 26:  punchlines:  Bryan S, minutes:  Brian X
      • Mar 5:  punchlines:  Brian X, minutes:  Mike
      • Mar 12:  punchlines:  Robert,  minutes:  Farah
      • Mar 19:  punchlines:  Joseph,  minutes: Victoria
      • Mar 26:  punchlines:  Bryan S,  minutes: Brian X

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      January 18th, 2010 at 9:04 pm

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