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Prototype/Ajax.Request -> Rails – The Plot Thickens Part 2

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Still no solution in sight.  I’ve tried creating a brand new Rails project, and the behaviour persists there as well.  I’m convinced it’s a problem with Rails though, and not a problem in my machine.

Let’s go over the facts again:

  • I have Rails 2.1.0 installed on an Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Tablet PC
  • I’m using a Postgres database on the OLM project
  • Using Prototype JS library V
  • We’re using Mongrel, not WeBRICK
  • Using Ajax.Request with the ‘POST’ method does not pass any parameters to the params hash in the target controller
  • It works with GET though!
  • When using POST, I can see the parameters if I inspect the request object – they’re in @parameters, which I cannot seem to access
  • POSTing seems to work on other computers, using the same OLM code checked out from the repository
  • I’ve tried a complete reinstall of Rails, with the same result

Maybe my uninstall assumption is wrong:  what’s the best way to completely purge Rails from my machine?  I essentially followed these steps before:

Thoughts from anybody?



Written by m_conley

November 21st, 2008 at 3:04 am

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