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Status report March 21

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Since I managed to miss a week, you can add your status reports below (in no particular order).  You might want to prepare it first so that you don’t spend a long time editing in case that ends up stomping on someone else.

This Week: Stamping out small bugs in testing the git-related functions. There are small differences between how the gems for interfacing with git and svn and since the initial base for the git_repository was a copy+paste of subversion_repository they are hard to find.

Roadblocks: Unclear documentation

Next Week: Continue on this path.

This Week: Working on a view of all of an individual student’s work. I created a link from the view that shows a table of marks for each assignment and display a new page.

Roadblocks: none.

Next Week: Display the view of student’s work.


This week: Finished, and submitted a pull request for #1310. Updated the wiki for setting markus up on linux, to include a step I found that was missing and submitted a pull request for that as well. Worked Together with Andrew and Sheng to further discuss the design of the tagging system as well as watch a railcast video on tagging.

Roadblocks: None

Next week: Continue work with Andrew and Shenglong. Look into some bug fixes, if time permits.


This week: I have been working mainly on the tagging system with Jeremy and Sheng. We’ve watched a railscast about tagging and have been brainstorming the best ways to get this system implemented.

Roadblocks: I have only had time to work on the tagging system due to 4 of my courses having presentations due for the next two weeks. This requires a lot of preparation as they are group presentations so I find myself running around campus all day.

Next Week: Continue work on tagging system and hopefully finish up the duplicate annotation issue.


This week: Met with team and watched a railscast video on tagging. We’re in our design process now, and have been figuring out how to get this implemented.

Roadblocks: Time, mostly. Crunch time is about to end though.

Next week: Continue design and formalize more details


This week: Fixed two issues for #1343 where use couldn’t enter grades after moving through pages and when pressing tab would raise an alert. Raised a usability issue where pressing Enter would release grades.

Roadblocks: Time since this is a very busy week for me and needing to understand JS functionality to fix some errors

Next week: Fix the bug I raised or fix another bug, if I can find the time.


This week: Installed Linux Ubuntu on Macbook to dual boot to have an easier time testing MarkUs. Finished solving issue 1375, but thinking it was already assigned to David, did not post a comment. It was taken and solved by Ope while I was waiting to conduct more tests to make sure nothing else was wrong with Download on spreadsheets.

Roadblocks: Lost a bit of time in the MarkUs installation due to running into the usual issues with svn core, which David found how to fix in 3 steps, however the link for subversion.1.8.5.tar.gz that we had was not up anymore. After this, had issues due to variables JAVA_HOME and PATH not being configured.

Lesson learned: Always make sure other developers know if you are working on a specific issue.

Next week: Fix spreadsheet bugs raised by David and I during the last few weeks.


This week I worked on the Help System with Ope and Chris. We worked on getting the create assignment page working, which will be a sample of how the system will work.

Next week we will continue working on the help system and hope to get feedback from the blog post.


Reviewed the fix made for issue-1032 and came up with a better solution that did not require a page refresh. Updated the pull request and the changes were merged successfully. Fixed issue-1375 which is a minor change. Worked with Alex and Christopher on the help system for the Assignment> Add Assignment page as an example.

Next week:

We’ll be working on the help system.


This week we worked on the help system and we have a sample page up on the blog. We hope to get some feedback for the Add Assignment page.

Next week:

We’ll continue on working on the help system with more sample pages up.


This week I worked on some issues:

  • issue #1388: the problem was solved, tests created. However, new bugs were discovered. I’m still studying was this happens.
  • Issue #1324: The use of vendors/plugins is depreciated, I was working on 3 plugins. Calendar, ssl_requirement, auto_complete.
  • Calendar: solved
  • SSL_requirement: I solved it, but I discovered that there was no functions being called. So this plugin was removed.
  • Auto_complete: I didn’t manage to make it work and I believe the one that we have in our code is not working too. Removing it could be the best solution, if it is not useful.
  • I was studing issue #765, I lost 3 hours making the upgrade, but in the end, I discovered that the new version is not working as it should and the repository is dead. So, talking with bejamin we decided to close the issue, but he has his branch with a few tests not working.

Next week: talking to Karen about the project I’ll be working on during my term and work on the bugs found after issue 1388


This week I have finished my revision on the portuguese translation and I’m stuck on a bug involving the behavior of hiding assignments from students (issue #1357).

My next steps are fixing this bug and either getting another issue to work on or talking to Karen about the project I’ll be working on during my term.

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March 20th, 2014 at 8:06 pm

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