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MarkUs 0.8.0 is out!

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The summer started two months ago and I am very proud to announce to you the latest release of MarkUs, version 0.8.0.

We have added a lot of great features : 🙂


  • We are now using Rails 2.3.8, the latest version of the 2.3.x tree
  • Some bug fixes on submission dates and grace period credits
  • Python and Ruby Scripts in order to help users to interact with MarkUs through the API
  • Displaying and annotating images
    • A lot of accessibility features have been implemented :

    • Missing labels & Better focus on forms
    • Adding annotations in downloaded code from students repository
    • Re-arrange criteria using keyboard
  • MarkUs is now completely internationalized and a French translation is available

So what are you waiting for? Get MarkUs 0.8.0 right now!

Diane Tam
Dina Sabied
Evan Browning
Anton Braverman
Nelle Varoquaux
Bryan Shen
Severin Gehwolf
Mike Conley
Benjamin Vialle

I hope I didn’t forget someone. 🙂

Written by Benjamin Vialle

July 7th, 2010 at 11:20 am

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