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MarkUs (pronounced “mark us”) is an open-source tool which recreates the ease and flexibility of grading assignments with pen on paper, within a web application. It also allows students and instructors to form groups, and collaborate on assignments. It’s predecessor OLM (Online Marking) was originally written in Python on top of the TurboGears framework.

This project is a re-implementation of the Online Marking system using Ruby on Rails. The goal of this project is to take what we learned from OLM and our forays into Web-CAT, and build a web-based marking system that includes an early submission and testing system in support of test driven development. The new version of OLM aims to provide a plugin-based system, so that we can continue to add, customize, or remove features as needed.

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July 16th, 2008 at 3:23 pm

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  1. […] MarkUs (demo’d by Mike Conley) MarkUs is a Web application that recreates the ease and flexibility of grading assignments with pen on paper. Graders fill in a marking scheme and directly annotate student’s work.  MarkUs also provides support for other aspects of assignment delivery and management.  For example, it allows students or instructors to form groups for assignment collaboration, and allows students to upload their work for grading. Instructors can also create and manage group or solo assignments, and assign graders to mark and annotate the students’ work quickly and easily. […]

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