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Minute 13/11/09

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The meeting started at 12:07 and ended at 12:49

The IRC log can be found here


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Status Reports

Notes System

  1. The model for the notes system is done
  2. Mock Up for the general view of the note system is done
  3. Nothing yet implemented
  4. Necessary to decide what can be done and what must be left for the next term
  5. Preferred well documented and tested code over finished non documented or tested code

Foreign Keys Issue

  1. Our current policy of not to use foreign keys at all will be kept for now

Grade entry

  1. Creation form is done now
  2. Currently working on incorporating it onto the Assignments page
  3. Working on adding the Properties View
  4. Focus will be given to the UI for TAs and instructors.
  5. Student UI will be saved for next term.

Flexible marking scheme

  1. Instructors’ UI is almost ready to ship
  2. Focus will be in tests rather in adding more functionality


  1. Decision made of what to log and what not to log


  1. The University of Waterloo is planning to use MarkUs in January for their CS135 class

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