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Meeting Minutes – Nov. 6th, 2009

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The meeting started at 12:00 and ended at 12:53.

The IRC log can be found here


  • Talk about whether everyone feels that they are making sufficient progress to finish their assigned tasks by the end of the term
  • Follow up on any questions


  • Karen liked seeing the percentage numbers in the status reports
  • From the flurry of review requests on Thursday, it seems that everyone is making good progress

Simple Grade Entry

  • Farah said that finishing the creation form is taking longer than she thought it would but she’s learning a lot in the process
  • She said the one ticket she is concerned about not getting to is the one for the student view
  • Karen said that it might be helpful for her to sit down with Severin or Mike to get some tips and pointers
  • Farah said that she will ask Mike or Severin for help


  • Tara said she is stuck on how to do tests for Ticket #358 (see ) since the controller tests are in bad shape
  • She doesn’t want to fundamentally change the add_member action without writing proper tests
  • Karen said that it may be worth spending the time to fix up the tests for the controller
  • Tara has written out the test cases she should cover, but the fact that the tests are already so broken makes her feel like she should start from scratch
  • Tara’s going to work on the tests and consult with others if she runs into trouble

Notes System

  • Tara is less worried about the Notes system since she’s working with Fernando and they have been collaborating and meeting
  • Fernando said that since they’ve just started the Notes System, it’s hard to say whether or not they’re on schedule but the notes system for the groupings should be finished

Foreign keys issue

  • Mike said that there seems to be a two-way split on this issue
  • Mike said that our migration helpers are designed to work with Postgres and not MySQL
  • Farah and Tara have been able to run the migrations successfully on MySQL but Fernando, Severin, and Mike have had problems running these on MySQL (Severin said this is likely a version issue)
  • Mike said that the Foreigner gem/plugin that Mike G. pointed out works with both Postgres and MySQL
  • Mike said that it’s just a matter of including Foreigner, and writing a migration to add foreign keys where they’re missing
  • Farah and Melanie are going to look into Foreigner and report back on their findings
  • Simon asked if there is another technique instead of fixtures to build objects for tests
  • Gabriel brought up factory_girl and he has been looking into this already and likes it a lot

Flexible Marking Scheme

  • Gabriel feels like he’s right on schedule
  • Gabriel said that writing the flexible criterion edit view (for admins) is making him learn a lot of little things that were still not clear
  • Simon said that the marking scheme type can now be changed from the Assignment view
  • Simon added a dynamic warning message for the case where an instructor attempts to change the marking scheme after it has been set. It might be overkill though and he’ll look into a static message or JavaScript (no communication with the server)
  • Karen said we definitely need a warning to appear
  • Simon asked Karen if she prefers a static message (the message is always in the page while editing) or a dynamic message (it only shows up when clicking on another marking scheme)
  • Karen said that she prefers a dynamic message and that consistency with other warning messages is important
  • Simon’s going to work on this and will ask for help, if necessary

Recruitment for next term

  • Karen said that recruitment for next term has begun and we should let her know if we know anyone who is good and might be interested
  • It also looks like we might be getting another summer intern from France again this summer!
  • Karen just put in a grant proposal to see if she can get money to hire two students to build the automated test system this summer
  • Many of us said we want to continue with MarkUs in one way or another even if it’s not for credit!

Time management

  • Karen reminded everyone that the end of the term is approaching quickly so we should all keep track of time

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