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Notes system mock-ups

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I am proposing a possible aggregate view of all notes to be placed on a new tab called “Notes”, displayed to the right of the existing tabs in the list. This tab would only be visible to graders and to admins.

Next to the header on the page, we would put an icon allowing the user to add a new note, which would bring up a modal dialog similar to the ones that Fernando is going to mock up. I picked this location because on the Users pages, there is an “Add New” link in small text next to the title.

The main attraction is the table with the notes in it. After playing around with a couple of more table-like looks, I settled on this one that looks more like messages. There are three columns in each row. The first indicates data in the following format:

[username] on <b>[assignment short identifier]:  [comma-separated student usernames]</b>

<small>[full date] at [time]</b>

The second column shows the full text of the note and the third column shows edit and delete icons, if the current user has the privilege of doing so. (Admins can edit/delete all notes and graders can edit/delete notes that they created themselves.)

Each row will be highlighted in grey when hovered over.

Using the “on” method of indicating the object the note is for makes this view much more flexible when we add further objects that we can note on other than just groupings. For a grouping, we would show the assignment short identifier and all of the student memberships. But for an assignment, we would simply show its short identifier or for a student, its username.

Notes tab

Written by Tara Clark

November 4th, 2009 at 3:17 pm

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3 Responses to 'Notes system mock-ups'

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  1. This looks great! I really like the “messages look” and the fact that, in the future, we’ll be able to create notes for different objects as well.

    Farah Juma

    4 Nov 09 at 8:43 pm

  2. Hi Tara,

    Nice! Two comments: I assume the icon left of the “Notes” heading (the one with the green plus) is meant to represent “Add new”. For assignments and users we have the text instead of the icon. I’d suggest to be consistent here. Either all icons or all text. Otherwise, users might get confused.

    I don’t know what our guideline regarding icons is, but we use quite view of them. So I’m not sure if we should use icons in the third column. Idea: Maybe we could make the first column wider, and the right column to take up the rest of the space. When one hovers over a row, show “edit” and “delete” links. I mean similar to the “Groups & Graders” tab of Assignments.

    Just to understand you right. If I create a new note, what inputs would I have to provide? I guess 1. the assignment (if any), 2. the user (if any) 3. the group (if any). And at least one of the inputs is required? Something like that?

    I like the direction in which this is going! Seems a quite flexible setup. If we add the possibility to attach notes to submissions later, we could link to the submission in question from this view…


    4 Nov 09 at 9:41 pm

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