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MarkUs developers’ status report, October 30th 2009

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  • Status
    • Added test for MarkusLogger
    • Added Documentation for MarkusLogger
    • Met with Tara to discuss the message feature
  • Next Steps
    • Add localized standard messages for the logger i.e. I18n
    • Ship the logger by next week
    • Start working on the message feature
  • RoadBlocks
    • Singleton pattern is not very flexible for testing


  • Status
  • Next Steps
    • Get my hands dirty in developing new code
    • I still have my blog about “needs for fixtures replacement” as a draft on my HDD, I should just unleash it to the blog.
  • Roadblocks
    • None, other than forgeting that I had to produce last week meeting minutes


  • Status
    • Published on Basie blog, a 500 words comment in response to a question about development process(Greg Wilson writing requirement)
    • Wrote a document that presents the last iteration of the new marking scheme it contains:
      • User stories(modified the stories about old marks that will not remain in the DB if the user changes of marking scheme)
      • Prototype(same as previous iteration)
      • Chosen DB schema(Scenario 4)
      • Class diagram (Showing polymorphic associations)
      • Tickets(almost the same as previous iteration, but added some to fit our DB schema choice)
      • Grep related to our DB choice
    • Read “A Guide to Active Record Associations” (
  • Next Steps
    • Publish the last iteration of the new marking scheme document
    • Plan to work on the ticket “First marks table migration”(new marking scheme)
    • Identify how should our work in the course be evaluated?
    • Continue with ticket #309
  • Roadblocks
    • Need to meet with Gabriel Simon and our teacher to discuss about how should our work in the course be evaluated.
      We are in an unusual situation, feels like following 2 different courses at a time to reach the same goal It’s a little ambiguous to me.


  • Status
    • Met with Karen and Severin to figure out RIA showcase logistics
    • Reviewed a bunch of code
    • Doled out some tickets, filed a new ticket, answered a bunch of email
    • Missed last weeks meeting, but caught up by reading the IRC log
  • Next Steps
    • Do my portion of the RIA showcase set up
    • Prepare for more feedback/emergencies from CSC108 when they try marking their A2 assignment
    • Review more code
  • Roadblocks
    • The usual


  • Status
    • Wrote some reviews, emails, blog posts
    • Crafted a blog post about a possible grading scheme for me
    • Was reading some Ruby code to get inspired for configuration of
      the repository library
    • Helped Tara in getting her testing environment up and running
  • Next Steps
    • Finalize the started merge (fix tests)
    • More work on automated testing
    • Work on one of my tickets
  • Roadblocks
    • None


  • Status
    • Submitted Ticket #428: Marking state icons are too similar
    • Investigated the accordion expansion problem – the if statement was important
    • Code done for Ticket #358: When adding members to a group as an Instructor, we cannot add several students at a time
    • Met with Fernando to discuss the notes system and broke up the to do items into more specific tasks (created in DrProject)
  • Next Steps
    • Tests for ticket #358 (groups controller, see unit/group_test.rb and functional/groups_controller_test.rb
    • Submit and close tickets #358 and 405
    • Mock-ups for the Notes tab
    • Start meeting regularly with Fernando to work on MarkUs
  • Roadblocks
    • I somehow managed to erase my entire development database contents earlier in the week, but Fernando helped me fix that today.
    • I should be stepping up the MarkUs time now since the last couple of weeks of the term will be hectic with paper writing and research for said papers.


  • Status
  • Next Steps
    • Finish the FlexibleCriterion table and model.
    • Work on another ticket for the flexible marking scheme.
    • Finish the grading scheme.
  • Roadblocks
    • None

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