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Proposal: Grading Scheme Severin

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Here is a possible way how my grade for this course could be evaluated. If I have included too vague criteria or this wouldn’t work for other reasons, I’d be happy to get feedback (particularly feedback from faculty).

  • Team performance (worth 40%). I would evaluate the team grade by peer evaluation. There should be a small questionnaire to be answered by each member of our team. Questions I’d ask: Did anybody in the team help you when you hit a roadblock (if ever)? If yes, who? How often? Did you get feedback, when you needed it? For example, did you get good feedback for your design proposal? If you could redo this term working on MarkUs, what would you make different? Overall, how would you rate the team performance (1-10; where 10 is the highest mark)? How did reviews work out for you? Did they help improving your Rails skills? Did you get good feedback? Individual answers will be send to Mike, who will then set the final grade for the team performance part. When answering the questionnaire, everybody should corroborate his or her answers with some specific facts, which led to his/her answer.
  • Individual evaluation (worth 50%). For my individual evaluation I would expect that the following criteria would be considered:
    • Given that I have been working on MarkUs before the start of the term, was I approachable and helpful in getting new developers up to speed/solving roadblocks?
    • A focal point for me this term is to create a paper on automated testing. This should provide a solid basis for future developers which get to implement this feature. I.e. the expected outcome is to produce a document which specifies requirements, possible problem points and advantages/disadvantages of possible scenarios (accounts for 20% of the grade).
    • Progress and completion of tickets which have been assigned to me. This includes complete test suites for submitted code (if possible), and according reviews have been posted on markusproject. Code has then been integrated into the main source code branch and tested for regressions. Each chunk of code submitted included appropriate documentation. Tickets have been appropriately used throughout the development process and necessary documentation (if any) has been created on the wiki. Standards for testing and code quality are met if the code passes the review process.
    • A significant chunk of my work has been maintenance and providing support for the MarkUs instances installed at University of Toronto (fixing, testing bugs in branches/release 0.5; creating and testing patches).
    • General participation and administrative tasks (participation in IRC meetings, provided meaningful feedback, wrote blog posts, took meeting minutes as arranged, collected status reports, etc.).
    • Has the aggreed upon process been followed when working on MarkUs. Did I make meaningful progress in working with the team.
  • Writing requirement (worth 10%) Have assigned writing tasks been completed as requested. How much effort did I put into carrying out the writing tasks.

What do you think? Please feel free to drop me a comment.

Written by Severin

October 28th, 2009 at 9:45 am

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