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How should your work in the course be evaluated?

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Greg has asked everyone to design their own evaluation plan.   There are two separate goals here:

  1. Get you thinking about how to define the success of your project.  How will you know if you have succeeded?
  2. Get you thinking about the things that you are doing that could be evaluated.  (More along the lines of a performance evaluation at a job.)

Perhaps the most obvious definition of success is that the feature you were asked to implement is complete and works.  Now define “complete” and “works”.  Think about the components of the feature and what you are doing to give the users/customers confidence that the features works.

One aspect of “complete” that I would like to highlight is the documentation left behind.  Could a new developer go to our web sites and find information on the design decisions that were made, on the state of each feature in terms of know problems,  or future enhancements.  The tickets should be up to date and clear.  There should be some kind of document that describes the current state and future plans (probably a short one).

Since this is a course and I care about not only the end product, but also the process we used to get there, and the learning experience(*), other things you might think would contribute to your grade include: participation level, willingness to help other students, willingness to participate in reviewing code, demonstrating “good” programming practice, consultation and design process, demonstrating steady progress.  I’m sure you can think of others.

I think it is probably appropriate to have at least 3 different evaluation mechanisms.  Mélane, Simon, and Gabriel fall under the evaluation scheme of their course, so it is probably appropriate for them to submit primarily that scheme.  Tara, Fernando and Farah have been focusing on the development of their features, and may want to use a similar evaluation scheme.  Severin has been doing more maintenance work and team lead kind of work, so his evaluation scheme should include those components.

A final tip.  Please don’t try to make the evaluation scheme too fine-grained.

* Can you tell I’ve been going to curriculum and teaching evaluation meetings?

Written by Karen Reid

October 23rd, 2009 at 10:43 am

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