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Weekly Status Update: Dec. 7, 2015

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1) Over the last week, I’ve been working on finishing the styling of the Student Interface. I had a PR merged by David and have just made revisions to another PR. From that point of view, there isn’t too much outstanding!


Tying up some loose ends on the final issues that I’ve worked on. Switched simple_format everywhere in app to new markdown helper to render text with Redcarpet markdown (this mostly affected remark requests, and also annotations as originally planned). Worked on technical report/presentation preparation for our final evaluation for the course that is associated with this project at my school.
Found an issue with remark_requests during my testing of the changes. Will try to work through it with Melissa as it seems she has been aware of it as well.
I plan to address any issues that will help move my final PR into the repository, so that there is nothing left over. I will also be working on my report and presentation in the coming weeks. Mostly discussing Markus features, the features that I worked on, and the technology stack, workflows, and environments that we used throughout the semester.


I finished my work on the test upload form. Editing, as well as uploading test script files seems to be working now. I don’t have a lot outstanding, but I’m going to go back and ensure the test support files are working as well as clean up some of the code we merged in but did not touch since they do not follow the hound guidelines to make it easier for whoever is looking at it next.


I tried to wrap up as much as I could this week since my exams are starting tomorrow. I managed to add comments in some of the automated test code where Prototype exists just to make it visible what should be changed. I also fixed a sorting issue on the commit column of the submissions table. I ultimately wasn’t able to test out removing Prototype in the areas with automated test code very well from master, which is why I resorted to adding the comments in.


So I submitted a pull request for the nested file selector and also committed a fix for a previous pull request regarding the late penalties. Also investigated a couple problems with the annotation rotations sometimes not working and the marking state. The annotations not rotating was difficult for me to reproduce (got it after David mentioned to try Firefox, but it only happened once) so I’m not sure what the cause of the problem is and will continue looking at it this week.


1. Last week I’ve tried to make the create individual groups button a background process.
2. A road block was figuring out how to setup resque and active job work. I was able to resolve the initial error I had. But i still have problems running the job. When i do job.perform_now, it works fine, but its not run as a background job. And when I do perform_later, the job is not performed and I don’t see any errors either. Is there a way to see the status of jobs?
3. By Wednesday I plan to hopefully get perform_later working

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December 7th, 2015 at 4:34 pm

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