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Weekly Status Update: Nov. 30, 2015

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1. For the new item of creating individual groups, i got the portion of code that creates the individual groups done. The issue I would have this week is figuring out how to make it a background process, or have a progress bar. I finished suggested changes for creating csv groups and delete individual groups.
2, Main road blocks is figuring out how to run a background process from a controller. I looked at add ons that run background processes, but they seem to be running as tasks.  I wonder if you have any insight on what i should look for exactly or is there another example in the code that i can look through? Also, for one of the pull requests i have open, the hound comments are giving inconsistent feed back. When I use single quotes, it tells me to use double quotes and when I use double quotes it tells me to use single quotes.
3. This week i plan to figure out how to do the background process. If i cant figure something out tomorrow, and @reid if you have time, I would like some help on it


1. This week I fixed up the place where dangerouslySetInnerHTML was used for searching and filtering the submissions table. I also started documenting places where Prototype exists in the automated test code, which is slowly getting done.
2. I had to do some research about Rails and React when it came to escaping HTML strings to prevent security issues, so this took a bit of time.
3. I’m hoping to finish up the Prototype documentation and removal related to the automated test code by the end of the week. If I have time I’d like to work on one more issue before the end of the semester.


Last week I got the nested file selector displaying files correctly, tweaked the visuals a bit (such as by adding scrollbars), and cleaned up my code for adding the subdirectories to the seed data. I still want to make the layout a bit nicer (it doesn’t highlight the selected file, and there is a lot of wasted white space to side), so I’ll do that this week before I submit the pull request.

Related to the seed data, I found that when I was trying to delete the data in the assignment repositories, “bundle exec rake db:drop” doesn’t do that? I ended up deleting all my files in data/dev/repos, is this the expected way to do it?

Also, I’ve been looking over a couple of my previous pull requests that need fixing. I made the changes David suggested to the marking states (#2337) and will be testing it this week. Also reviewed the code for the late penalties (#2282) since I haven’t looked at it in a couple months but haven’t made any progress there yet. Not sure what’s wrong with #1109 but I’ll check that this week as well.


1.T his week I added markdown support in both marker and student submission/result viewing. I found we needed a server-side library (Redcarpet) when rendering the annotation summary list as the contents are rendered in the view so I created a View Helper that can be called on contents as they are rendered in a view (similar to the simple_format that is used). On the other hand, I used a client-side library (Marked) for the glowing code highlighter and “Preview annotation” functionalities. I initially aimed to have it all using the client side library but was running into weird edge cases (i.e. first line turning into a code block) when I tried to dynamically replace the contents that were rendered in the annotation summary. I felt that using the Redcarpet rendered views and Marked on dynamic areas (e.g. preview) led to a more consistent display of Markdown annotations.
Most of my troubleshooting involved trying to use the client-side library to replace rendered content, but as mentioned I chose to use a combination of both a server-side and client-side library, using them where applicable given the context/design of the annotations components. I could see the markdown view helper that I’ve added may be simple enough to use in future areas of development as well that will need server-side rendering of markdown text. Also ran into some conflicts with markdown and mathjax, but ended up fixing by disabling some settings in the Markdown renders that attempted to interpret tex-based math expressions . The only question I have regarding my changes before I submit a PR is if it is OK to use marked and redcarpet together given the fact that some areas of the annotation feature require dynamic display and others render the annotation in the view? Compare view available here:…finnergizer:issue-2305 .
This week, I will respond to feedback/suggestions for this feature, and possibly take on another issue that can be done within the remaining time for the project.


1. Worked on checking tokens for running a test, re-doing the student interface for launching a test and viewing test results and grades
2. Make any changes to the student interface view based on the PR I have up. And since term is coming to an end, I wonder if we want to try merging the work we’ve done so far into master and then gate/disable the feature? Or if not, then consider merging master into test-framework again to keep it up to date.
3. Not 100% sure what to prioritize next.


1. Responded to David’s comments in my PR from last week. Also did a fair bit of code cleanup to make the code less confusing and easier to understand for anyone working on it in the future. Still trying to get the editing feature working and spent most of my week on attempting to debug that. Fixed a small bug with the support file upload as well (now working correctly)
2. Still not entirely sure why editing isn’t working as I have replicated the logic used previously. It is trying to create a new file instead of modifying the existing one. Also some issues with the upload form generating incorrect values such as seq_num starting at 1.0 when there are files already uploaded (seq_nums must be unique). This breaks the ability to upload files once one is already uploaded.
3. Will continue working on getting editing uploaded test scripts working and hopefully resolve the seq_num issue.

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November 30th, 2015 at 4:58 pm

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