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Weekly Status Update: Nov. 23, 2015

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1. This week I made some changes to my branch for issue #2050. This is done now and awaiting further review. I also worked on getting search and filtering working in the submissions table. I submitted this but David suggested a few more changes to make so that we no longer have to use the “dangerouslyUseInnerHTML” component. Finally I worked on investigating the lingering Prototype in the automated tests code.
2. It turns out the automated tests file that had lingering Prototype called has some other files that are pretty dependent on it, so I don’t think it would be a good idea to delete it. Had a bit of a hard time figuring out how to test my changes for the Prototype code related this, but now I believe I know how to do this.
3. I’ll work on making the changes for my submissions table issue and then continue to remove Prototype code from the automated tests files, now that I know how I can test it.


1. I created a pull request for the delete group function for students when they click create group. The delete group method delete the entire grouping as long as there are no submissions. And its currently only available to the “inviter” of the group. I dont know if that should be changed and made available to everyone?
2. No roadblocks this week.
3. I did look in to creating the create group button for instructor interface for individual assignments. It seems pretty straightforward, but it also comes with a performance issue when the class size gets fairly large. So it would be nice to get some ideas/input on that.


So last week I figured out how to add folders to the seed data in the assignment submissions to test the nested file selector.

I was hoping to do more but unfortunately this took me a few hours. I found the location of the seed files (db/data), created some folders there and then located the code that adds those files to the repos when bundle exec take db:setup is called. I then tried to add the folders to the repos by calling an existing function, which worked, but when I tried to add the files inside the folders, I would get an SVN error saying the parent folder is not a directory. Eventually got it working by changing the name of the folder in the generated repo (e.g. A1/something) so that it’s different from the name of the folder I made inside db/data. For some reason this fixed it and the files show up in the Submission page.

Next week I’ll hook it up to the UI I made previously.


1. Rewrote methods for running tests to execute them locally – removed server choosing/rotation functionality. Scrapped XML parsing functionality to instead store the results as JSON. David merged the PR in yesterday (thanks!).
2. Remove SSH from test run commands and run them on the local server directly. David was having an issue with the test results not being produced, so investingating that further. I think it might be due to some issue with the form uploading but I’m not 100% sure. So syncing those changes with Wilson’s too. Ideally going from there to start returning the test results to students – I don’t think this UI existed previously.
3. –


1. We finally got the TA Activity PR this week. Thank you very much to David for his detailed code review. I also started looking at 2305, adding Markdown support for annotations. Leaning towards a client-side Javascript library for compiling/parsing markdown. I’ve also been starting on a report and presentation that is required for final evaluation of the course that is used for this project.
2. No troubles. As tough as the rubocop/hound comments can be, it is nice to be forced to learn some of the idioms of the Ruby language to ensure the code that we commit is readable and concise.
3. I hope to finish the markdown support in annotations and get a PR in for it this week.


1. Worked on the upload form again this week. Rewrote a large part of the automated_test_helpers file so that the file name for test scripts are now properly being accepted and uploaded. Multiple file uploads should also be supported again. It no longer lets you upload files with the same filename as well as they must be unique. Support files for tests should be added supported again soon once I add them back to the form as they were removed during our earlier work. I’m currently working on getting the ability to edit files working.
2. Running into issues with getting the ability to edit files working. It seems like it’s trying to create a new test script instead of editing the old one still, so I’m still looking into that.
3. Will continue working on editing files that are uploaded, as well as some general code cleanup involved with renaming confusing variable names from the existing code (such as script_name, which is actually test_script)

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November 23rd, 2015 at 4:34 pm

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