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Weekly Status Update: Nov. 16, 2015

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This past week I implemented a expandable nested list that will replace the flat list for selecting a file to view. I hard-coded the values for this list, so next week I will be hooking it up to the actual files. I was planning to do this the other way around (first get the existing flat list working with an arbitrary number of subdirectories, and then implement the expanding list), but then I realized that students can’t upload folders through the web UI so I wasn’t sure how to test the subdirectories. Is there a way I can directly add folders to the database, or do I need to use SVN?


1. Put up a pull request for running tests remotely, documented things which are oustanding. Looked more closely into the file upload. Files aren’t currently being created upon upload due to some confusion with attributes
2. Work on test script uploading. I think rewriting the code makes sense for the backend.
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1. Spent this week working again on the upload form. I feel I am at a spot where i know exactly what’s not working and why, am just working on a solution. Currently, the filename is not properly being passed in which results in the filename being stored incorrectly, and unable to be downloaded. Tried a few solutions but was unsuccessful. This is a result of it being passed through the headers now which I cannot seem to access. The other issue is that a check is done against the test file id, which is not being passed in. I spent some time trying to pass this in, but am unsure of how to retrieve it from the form.
2. The main problem is with the wrong parameters being passed in by the form, and not being able to access the filename via the headers. Going to talk to David about how I can access this as I was unable to find help on this topic through Google. I was also unable to figure out how to access the test script ID through the form, and am still looking into that.
3. Will continue working on the test upload form. I think once I figure out the issues I’m working on I will be able to quickly fix the other issues with the form as I now have a good understanding of how its supposed to work and whats not working.


1. This week I worked a lot on style changes and refactoring requested for the TA Activity PR. There were quite a few things that I had to troubleshoot for a long time and it slowed me down(i.e. some controller methods being placed after private declarations), but overall I am happier with the state that its in. I will continue to respond to requests for this PR as fast as possible. I have left notes on the three remaining comments with some justification as to why it has been coded that way.
2. Small problems when refactoring be more concise that I attribute to simply not knowing all the ins and outs of Ruby and Rails. So although this had slowed me down a bit, it was pretty good to find the solutions and get to know the intricacies a bit better.
3. I will look at some outstanding issues and continue to respond to TA activity PR comments. Is there a high priority issue that you would prefer me to work on?


1. This week I worked on finishing issue #2050 for helping instructors see any submissions that have no files in them, and provide the option of not assigning graders to groups with empty submissions. I started to investigate the submissions table like David asked me to last week.
2. I had some job interviews and assignments this week, so it was another hard week for time management. Everything has settled down this week so I’d like to get two issues done.
3. Next week I will continue to look into the submissions table, I’ll also work on #2351 reported by @arkon, looks like I missed a bit of Prototype code in the automated testing files.


1. Last week I spent on the delete group function for students. For now I assumed that only the inviter can delete the group and that the whole grouping is deleted rather than a single member being deleted from the grouping. I don’t know if we could reuse the remove group method that is already in the groups controller but the code i’m writting follows the exact same flow.
2. I am having trouble with routing the front end to the backend. I think im just missing rails understanding so i have to look more in to that.

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November 16th, 2015 at 4:32 pm

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