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Weekly Status Update: Nov. 9, 2015

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1. Started work on #2050, flagging submissions with no files attached. I’ve got it mostly working, I just need to account for the option of not allowing professors to assign graders to empty groups when they choose to randomly submit. (Right now it works only for submitting a grader to specific groups)
2. No roadblocks this week, other than an assignment/midterm heavy week. After this week I’ll be able to put a lot more focus into this course!
3. Next week I’ll finish up #2050 and talk to Karen and David for something else to do. I may pick up some issues I find in the list if I run out of things.


1.This week I created a pull request for the csv group creation and started looking in to why removing a member from the group fails. I think it might be because of the way the groupings are handled when a student is removed, but i did not get to look too deeply in to it.
2.The main road block for me was code formatting
3. This week i’m planning to fix the issue with removing a member from the group and doing suggested code changes for the pull request


1) Worked on the test execution functionality, digging into Resque. Figuring out how Redis and Resque worked together. Now able to run test locally.
2) Test runner doesn’t seem to be outputting (essentially) blank XML. Need to dig deeper into that. Determine if it is due to a bad merge or just isolated to a few languages
3) –


Last week I turned the checkbox for releasing marks into a button. This is mainly for consistency as I changed the dropdown for marking status into a button the week before. Also I briefly looked for potential bugs in the code for downloading submissions, which I think is good. I can’t think of a corner case where downloading the submissions would trigger a collection, which the user reported.

Next week I could implement some more additions to the grader UI.


1. Took a little break from the test upload form to work on a reported bug. Worked on fixing the bug where the ‘<-=’ sign would not properly show up in PDF annotations. Fixed this and submitted a possible solution in a PR. Took me longer to fix this than I thought it would due to investigate due to complexity of a lot of the javascript in there. Not super happy with my solution as it seems a bit clunky so waiting for feedback from Karen or Davis. One thing I noticed was that it was also possible to store something like <script> … </script> in the DB through annotations which could open us up to XSS, but it seems like the general consensus from what I read is its better to just sanitize it on the output rather than sanitizing the input.
2. Main obstacle was just mostly figuring out how all the javascript works and interacts with the RoR framework. Figured out a few good techniques for helping debug Javascript as I have never worked much with it before so it was a good learning experience for me.
3. Will continue working on a fix if Karen or David have any suggestions for changing the implementation. Otherwise, will be back on the test upload form this week.


This week:
Made revision to TA pull request as recommended by david and others
Added short form x/y marked presentation in dashboard view
Designed a separate dashboard page that displays all the graders and their distrubtions/information. This page can be accessed by clicking an “All Graders” link near the grader distribution from the dashboard when you are viewing a specific assignment.

Full screen with many graders (I repeated each grader multiple times to simulate a large amount of graders) :

Mobile sized screen with many graders:

Added an overflow option to scroll when there are many TAs (i.e. 40) so as to prevent a very long list expanding the dashboard view down too much.


Had trouble committing because rubocop-git (in the script that I made) fails on certain characters (i.e. those added in the internationalized string files). Just an FYI if anyone runs into an error using the pre-commit script and have added some of these characters to the internationalized strings.
This week:
I will be prompt to respond to any suggestions/fixes for the PR as it is getting quite large.
If there aren’t any more requirements for TA activity, I am going to work on a new issue this week (#2344 possibly).

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