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Weekly Status Update: Nov. 2, 2015

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1. Had a bit of a busy week with all my midterms this week but mostly worked on investigating some of the issues Jeremy outlined in his PR. I looked into being able to upload multiple test files but didn’t have a lot of luck as i’m a bit confused at how some of the stuff currently works so will have to do some more research into it. I also tackled some of the hound issues and currently have a PR for Jeremy’s branch.
2. Was unable to test my PR for the hound complaints because I had to do a PR to Jeremy’s branch and not the PR hound was complaining about. I couldn’t quite figure out how it was originally intenteded for the multiple test file upload to work. Maybe it would be better to focus on other things for now?
3. Will talk to Jeremy a bit after this meeting on how we want to proceed with things and get caught up with where he is on the project. I’m going to probably continue to try to support multiple test file uploads unless there is something else that is more urgent. I might cleanup all the code in a separate PR for hound so that we don’t have to deal with these hound complaints in the future as it is really cluttering up our PRs.


Last week I finished up the “Set to Complete”, “Revert to Incomplete” button and merged the marking states “unmarked”, “partial” to “incomplete”. Was relatively straightforward, but had a hiccup when I couldn’t figure out why I was getting a “Missing template” error for my new route that was defined for this toggling button. The solution was that I needed to use “render” instead of “render: template”. Next week I’ll add the new text field that shows the fraction of submissions that have been fully marked.


1) Worked to get a PR up with the changes around having a file uploaded. Ended up have to make some modifications to existing associations and the code to get it to a semi-working state.
2) Working with Wilson to get the file upload working completely. There are a lot of complaints from Hound and some comments from David to address.
3) A lot of the Hound comments relate to code that existed previously. I’m not sure if the best bet is to modify them in the current PR or create new PRs to clean that up later?


This week I finished the csv group creation (branch I haven’t tested it yet, so I should be able to create a pull request on Thursday. I also picked up an issue for creating a column in the detailed csv report. I added the feature but I am currently tackling the hound >.<
No road blocks this week


This week:
Added grade distributions per TA for each assignment in the assignment dashboard. Example views provided below.

From the assignment dashboard, each grader has a hyperlink, which when clicked refreshes the distribution graph for the selected TA.
I ran into troubles when creating a remote controller action, which when called would return the new distribution for the selected TA. Initially, the action would render the JS before it actually computed and returned the distribution (causing an error). So I added a :before_action to workaround this, but am curious if anyone knows why this had to be done (and why in Rails it does not render the JS once the previous statements have been executed). Either way, this approach worked, but if anyone has insight, that would be great.
Upcoming week:
I plan to add the annotation per TA to the dashboard.
I will look at any outstanding issues that I can tackle.
I will think about more TA analytics that could add value to the dashboard view (and if I am recommended any, I will work on those as well)


1) This week I finished up with Prototype. I thought it was done earlier in the week, but I forgot to restart the Rails server when I was testing. As a result I found a lot more errors I missed later in the week, which have now been fixed. Annotations suffered the most, I think they are back to where they should be now.
2) No roadblocks.
3) I’ll be working on Issue 2050 for flagging empty submissions. If I finish that I may try to fix a bug I reported today.


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November 2nd, 2015 at 4:29 pm

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