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Weekly Status Update: Oct. 26, 2015

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1. Fixed the polymorphic_url errors caused by the target_controller selection. Fixed lots of hound syntax errors, and began working on understanding the process_test_form function. Tinkered with it a bit, and made a few changes that got it mostly working with the exception of an error involving the test_files relation.
2. Mainly the issue I had running into the test_files relation, but I believe jeremy solved that.
3. Will continue to work on getting the upload form functioning and documenting and fixing anything else I run into during the process.


1) Working on process_form method, looking at uploading of test file. Able to get this working locally
2) Submit a pr for the work i’ve done so far, base it off of wilson’s pr. Start looking at multiple test file upload (form currently doesn’t render once a test file is uplodaded due to some issues with the seq_num field of a test file)
3) Figuring out how to use version control when working off a PR in progress – I think I’ve figured it out now!


Last week I was able get a strict guideline of how the creation of groups to go after discussion with Karen and David. I have the code done with a few questions/exceptions. I was not however able to test out Karen’s feature branch regarding the group permissions (Sorry Karen!)

One main road block was time with everything else that’s going on. Other than that, a few questions I ran in to are
#a. What issue should I create the branch for? There’s a couple relating to groups. #2180 and #2237. Or should I create a brand new one?
#b. For a assignment with individual groups, if the student given by the memberships doesn’t exist, shouldn’t we throw an error? (Same scenario for group assignments)
#c. Maybe this is just me but to me the csv function sort of feels incomplete now because when an instructor wants to create a grouping between a group from an old assignment to a new assignment, they won’t be able to do that because the csv file upload only works for brand new groups.


Last week, I looked at the update_marking_status function that gets called when you change the marking status, and wrote an analogous function + route that just changes the marking status to complete. I then made a button for this in the submission view, but I had some trouble finding the right syntax to hook them together (was trying button_tag, but I believe I should be using button_to). Also, I searched for all the places that referenced the marking status unmarked or partial and changed them all to incomplete. However, I haven’t tested this yet.

Next week, I’ll be finishing up this task and then moving on to the next item to add to the grader view, which is the fraction of submissions completed.


I created a PR for the changes that I have made thus far to report on TA activity. I also did a writeup for my contact here at the University as to what is going well and what is not. Unfortunately, this week I had a lot of midterms and assignments, so I wasn’t able to get much more in the way of adding more analytics. Today, I plan to tackle my initial goal for this week of creating a distribution of marks for each TA for each assignment.
This week I plan to add visualizations in the assignment graph area. I am welcome to any more requests for metrics (I currently have # of assignments completed marking, # of annotations per submission, grade distribution for TAs for each assignment).


1. This week I removed the FilterTable javascript. This was merged into the master branch aready. Later in the week I started to work on removing our inclusion of Prototype from the content.html.erb file and in the Gemfile. I also looked into prototype-snippet.js and rails-pt-adapter.js. Based on my findings, i think those files can be removed, I’m just waiting to hear back on a question I asked David about this before I go ahead with that.
2. No code roadblocks. I did manage to break my laptop, so I had to get an old one up and running and re-set up the MarkUs dev environment. This is working now, but it cost some time.
3. Early into the week I’d like to get a pull request in with the changes mentioned above. After that I think I’m done with prototype. I was thinking of looking into the “General Issues” project, which has a few medium sized issues in it. Is that a good direction to be heading in?

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November 2nd, 2015 at 4:24 pm

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