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Weekly Status Update: Oct. 19, 2015

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1) Carried on looking into the test-framework branch, specifically the code for form and file uploads. Worked on delete grader functionality
2) Continue working with Wilson on test script and test support file uploads, ensuring attributes for assignments are updated correctly
3) Just figuring out how all the form/test code fits together and identifying where errors are coming from.


1. Spent this week working on getting the view for the test file upload working. Solved a few errors caused by missing functions in the helper, forms, and in the navigation bar. Gained a much better understanding of how everything goes together.
2. Ran into the issue with AssignmentRules, but David already addressed those for me in the PR.
3. Going to continue addressing issues of broken functionality in the file upload section and figuring out what still needs to be fixed / what works.


– Addressed some comments in PRs to allow them to be merged
– Added a functionality to calculate # of annotations per marked submission on a per assignment basis for TAs
– This is present in the submission status column for TAs and teachers right now, but plan to move this to dashboard
– Admins see as a whole how many annotations there are per submission (i.e. across every TA)
– Plan to add a quick reference to each Grader’s average annotation per submission using the function created for TAs

2. No problems, been a bit tough to juggle with studying for exams, and assignments this week.
3. This week, I plan to add some functions to calculate distribution of marks for each TA. If time permits, I will look into adding visualizations for these metrics to the dashboard and any other areas where appropriate.


1. I was able to complete the removal and testing of the manager_graders.js and manage_groupings.js files in the app/views/javascripts folder. I also researched some Prototype specific syntax so I know what to look out for when I am looking for inline Prototype to remove. I also started to look for where things break when I remove the inclusion of Prototype from content.html.erb.
2. This week was a little busy with assignments for other courses, so I wasn’t able to do as much as I would have liked.
3. Next week I will continue looking for inline Prototype code and checking to see what removing the inclusion of Prototype may break. I also would like to look into the FilterTable.js file, and try to figure out if it is still in use and what it’s for, as I think it’s related to Prototype.


So these last couple weeks I fixed a few PDF issues and also a bug regarding newlines not showing up in remark requests. There weren’t any major obstacles. Next week, I will start on the grading interface.


So last week I was still working on the repository set up when groups are set up through csv files. I created outline code but the code and the logic is very confusion. So I met up with Karen for and we decided that some of the previous code that already exists may not work/outdated and certain steps need to be reconsidered. So I went back home, I reformatted the flow charts etc that I drew to figure out the code and I have to meet up with Karen again and see if my understanding is correct and to see if the behaviour is appropriate and then finish up the new code

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October 19th, 2015 at 3:20 pm

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