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Sept. 21 – 28, 2015


1) Merged master into test-framework branch. This is now on my local fork.
2) Couldn’t figure out why the server wouldn’t start after my merge – but David helped me figure this one out!
3) Going more carefully through things that were merged to verify and test existing functionality. Start to look at at what test-framework has to offer. Coordinate with Wilson


Was a little busy this week, so didn’t get a lot done. Mostly worked on fixing the issue regarding tags not showing up. After spending a lot of time figuring out the debugging tools for Ruby on Rails, I figured out that we are storing the memory address for the user instance creating the tag instead of the actual user in the database. It was actually pretty hard to find this error since no exception was raised. I’m a little confused at how this ever worked since it seems like it should’ve always been broken. When the controller goes to try to find the user who created the tag, it encounters an error and 404s. I have fixed this but there’s a schema change I wanted to consult David about before changing that should probably be done.
Next week I will be talking to Jeremy about what we need to do in order to get the existing automated testing code working.


Last week I made a minor fix to the spreadsheets and added a button that lets you rotate JPGs and PDFs. The main issue was that it did not rotate the annotations as well so I’ll be investigating that this week. After I’m done that, I’ll either do another one of the PDF issues or change the UI of the grading interface.


**This Week**:
Investigated rubocop and its usage/config in Markus project
-Added rubocop-git to project to be used as a tool to check for style conflicts before committing
-Created a ruby script (lib/tools/pre-commit) that uses rubocop and rubocop git to automatically check diffs and rake files to make sure they will not cause an issue with Hound when PRs are created.
– Dependencies are not installed on local machine when using sshfs so if I try to use some of the tools in our project, it failed.
**Next week**:
– Add marks for each student in the new seeds for marks spreadsheets.  Going to look at how this is done randomly in the assignment seeding.


1) This week I was playing catch up with school, but managed to finish some things I didn’t get done during the code sprint. I completed generating seed data for remark requests, and fixed a 404 error I found when instructors tried to comment on remark requests.
2) No roadblocks this week.
3) Next week I’m going to start working on my project, removing the last traces of Prototype. The first thing I’m doing is converting the last .rjs files in the views folders into .erb files. So far this has been going pretty smoothly.


I was a little busy catching up on school although i have no idea how i got behind in the first place. I started looking at the code to creating repositories.

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