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Status Update – Feb 27

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  • This week
    • started writing UTs for MathJax integration. Started having difficulty testing well, took a step back and realized the integration could be significantly simplified.
    • Simplified MathJax integration (deleted lots of code)
    • Finished mathjax integration and put up a PR
  • Next week
    • Unknown. Either pick up a new project or fix any bugs found while checking the PR


  • This week
    • Wrapped up the last issues with the remarks (adding an extra mark not working and deleting database records for extra marks when they aren’t needed).
    • Started creating a modal that’ll popup when you’re close to expiry (currently thinking it’ll popup, say “You’re about to expire; press here to cancel that”, something like that). Currently got the javascript that’ll check every minute or so hooked up, and figured out how we’re tracking the session timeout.
  • Next week
    • More of the modal. If it turns out way easier than I think it’ll be, I’ll be able to start work on the double login bug too.


  • This week
    • Searched though react docs to find way to hide a column for hours, was unsuccessful
    • Figured out how to get data from the conroller to the view with rails
    • Searched for all the section columns and set them to hide if there are no sections set
    • Started to investigate ajax update issue with the marks_graders tables
  • Next week
    • Try to find a solution to the ajax issue, ensure react is implemented correctly on the marks_graders page
  • Issues
    • There doesnt seem to be much documentation on how to use the react tables so I spent a lot of time trying to figure them out
    • This was my first time using the rails MVC style so there was learning curve there
    • Finding all the section columns wasnt as simple as I had hoped


  • This week
    • worked on issue 664: Add tests for our routes
    • Re-writing the test from this outdated patch:
    • Completed:
      ‘Routing to main page’
      ‘Admin resource’
      ‘An Assignment collection’
      ‘An Assignment member’
      ‘An Assignment’s rubric’
      ‘An Assignment’s flexible criteria’
      ‘An Assignment’s automated test’
  • Next week
    • continue working on tests for csv upload and routes tests
  • Issues
    • as the routes.rb file got changed over the year, some routes became outdated and new routes were added. Have to trace the changes to write new tests and remove outdated


  • This week
    • Completed the implementation of the Grade Entry Table using React
      • Search, Sorting, and Selecting all working now
  • Next week
    • Work on Issue 1974: Add Bonus Column to Spreadsheet
    • Work on Issue 1762: “total_grade” should be a calculated field in the database.


  • This week
    • NA
  • Next week
    • NA


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