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Status Update – Feb 20

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  • This week
    • Did manual testing of annotation system with MathJax. Found several bugs specific to my work (PDFs and something else I forget) and several on development
    • Opened issues: 2045, 2043 and 2042
  • Next week
    • Unit testing, finally


  • This week
    • Finished issue 218: adding tests for “calculate_collection_time” and “calculate_grouping_collection_time”
    • Mid-way done with issue 99: “Create unit tests and functional tests for CSV upload/download”
    • Download unit tests are done:
         ‘tests that action csv_downloads returns OK’
         ‘expects a call to send_data’
         ‘sets disposition as attachment’
         ‘returns type’
         ‘passes naming conventions’
    • Upload is much more complicated. Here are the tests that I have started:
         ‘does not accept an empty file’
         ‘should gracefully fail on non-csv file with .csv extension’
         ‘does not accept .csv file with wrong column names’
  • Next week
    • Right now if we try uploading a non-csv file with csv extension – the application crashes. To catch this exception functional testing must be implemented. I would also have to think about other testing for the upload
  • Problems
    • every time no matter if the file is correct or not, it gets redirected
    • all calls to this upload function return status 302, go somewhere else and respond with the appropriate status code. Unit testing cannot trace such response


  • This week
    • Refactoring in and around the remarks and results screen, namely changing how (and when) remark results are generated
    • reworking the views in the results screen, since they shouldn’t be checking the user role if they’re in a role-specific folder.
    • Started the add extra mark issue, which’ll likely be fast
  • Next week
    • I’m going to need to pick a new area and set of issues to work on, which I’ll be bringing up in this week’s meeting


  • This week
    • Investigated annotation bugs
    • Applied and thoroughly tested the fixes, found a few hidden issues that were already exisiting and fixed them as well
    • Made hound happy
  • Next week
    • Take a big stab at the react stuff! I hope to put in double time next week to make up for this week
  • Issues
    • Hound
    • I didn’t have a lot of time to put in this week (Other classes, V-Day, birthdays, huge hassle getting my washing machine replaced, etc etc)


  • This week
    • NA
  • Next week
    • NA


  • This week
    • Continued work on the Admin/Grader spreadsheet implementation using React
    • Updated the React table input textboxes for grades to dynamically save
  • Next week
    • Continue working on and debugging the spreadsheets table implementation using React
    • Potentially start on other issues currently assigned to me
  • Issues
    • There are still issues with the sorting, checkboxing, and searching that I need to look into
  • Notes
    • I was away travelling for most of this week as it was reading break at UBC, so I wasn’t able to get as much work done.

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February 20th, 2015 at 12:09 am

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