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Status Update – Feb 13

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  • This week
    • Fixed issue with annotation pop up on mouse hover
    • Figured out how to get math rendering to work on the annotations categories page
  • Next week
    • I’m pretty sure my branch has introduced some regressions, I’m going to investigate those and see how to fix them
    • Time permitting I’ll write UTs
  • Issues
    • Annotations get truncated in the annotation lists and thus don’t render properly. Not sure what to do for this. See image below:
Long annotations get truncated

Notice the bottom entry of the list


  • This week
    • I was working on issue99 (Simple Grade Entry: Create unit tests and functional tests for CSV upload/download).
    • While understanding how the csv works for the Marks Spreadsheet I ran into few errors/concerns that I want to discuss during the meeting. (Here goes the text from the word document)
  • Next week
    • continue working on issue99 and issue218 (still have to do that additional test that checks the section due dates)


  • This week
    • Implemented style changes for annotation upgrade
    • Fixed failing test cases caused by the addition of column_start and column_end fields to the annotation table
    • Added placeholder texts to react table search fields (including general react research/how-to)
  • Next week
    • Try to make more major changes with the react issues
  • Issues
    • Fixing the test took a long time, Im not familiar with ruby tests and the logs werent very helpful for finding the source of the issue. They gave me an idea what to look for but not where.
    • Getting started with react took a bit


  • This week
    • Working on issue 1933, re-enabled the save button, found the commit that fixed 1933, set things up so that if a student saves a remark request, the marker can’t see it.
  • Next week
    • More of the save-button related stuff, I don’t like the way it creates new result sets, so that’s getting rebuilt to create the remarks with the old marks (which I should have done the first time), and the results view and files need a bit of refactoring (namely, the marker views render a bunch of the student view components).


  • This week
    • Continued work on the Admin/Grader spreadsheet implementation using React
    • Provisioned and linked all the student data of the Spreadsheets table to the new React table
    • Working on the input textboxes for grades to dynamically save with React
  • Next week
    • Continue working on and debugging the spreadsheets table implementation using React
    • Potentially start on other issues currently assigned to me
  • Issues
    • The sorting and searching don’t seem to be working properly, currently debugging potential causes
      • Sorting is not ordering the elements properly
      • Entering anything in the search box causes a Uncaught TypeError


  • This week
    • Began updating rubric criterion to support fewer or more achievement levels
  • Next week
    • Hopefully finish achievement levels upgrade and begin refactoring marking schemes to allow a mix of rubric and flexible criteria
  • Issues
    • Seems like it’ll be extremely difficult to support an arbitrary number of levels. Better to try to stay DRY and robust with arbitrary level implementation, or w

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February 13th, 2015 at 12:03 am

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