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Status Update – Feb 6

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  • This week
    • Explored rubric implementation, took notes/planned future changes
    • Mistakenly began student-side summary page before realizing that the priority was admin table
    • Began work on admin marks summary page
  • Next week
    • Clear all changes and refactorings with supervisor
    • Complete implementing admin marks summary page, hopefully begin on student summary page


  • This week
    • Save button bugs
  • Next week
    • More of the same
  • Problems
    • Lots of projects came due this week, so I didn’t have much time


  • This week
    • contacted previous students about MathJax integration
    • integrated their work and got several parts of the integration working
  • Next week
    • will spend more time getting familiar with the annotation system
    • finalize integration
    • write tests
  • Problems
    • MathJax isn’t working for viewing the annotations while hovering but works elsewhere


  • This week
    • Finished redoing the annotation update that now breaks the spans up and highlights only the selected text
    • Adjusted the mouse listener events so they only showed up on the highlighted text, not the entire line
    • Fixed up the overlapping annotation structure, added third depth to the CSS, and made colors more obvious
    • Noticed that the mouse listeners were not disposed if an annotation was removed and fixed that
    • Made a migration file and removed the changes I made to the schema file (noob move, my bad!)
  • Next week
    • Clean up any style issues or suggestions from David/the markus team
    • Start working on the react/table issues
  • Problems
    • Tracking the annotation depths/IDs was a huge pain! Turns out you cant use a DOM node as a dictionary key


  • This week
    • worked on issue 218 regarding creating new tests for two existing functions
    • have two tests for checking if the value is nil and checking if the value is a date
    • want to add one more test to calculate_grouping_collection_time(grouping)
    • right now the testing factories are set up in the way that the grouping parameter is empty. This prevents the test from entering if statement. I want to create a test for the particular piece of code within if(), now I have to figure out the way how to change the grouping parameter
    • the major obstacle: figuring out the relationships between models
    • added final bits to issue 76 (add required file option to fix in the file names). Pure ruby-js communication which can be stubborn at times. Took more hours than I anticipated (basically half of the time this week
  • Next week
    • add that test for #218 and work on issue 99: “Simple Grade Entry: Create unit tests and functional tests for CSV upload/download”


  • This week
    • Updating the Spreadsheets interface for graders
  • Next week
    • Continue working on the Spreadsheets interface for graders

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