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Status Update – Jan 29 2015

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  • This week
    • Figured out what was going wrong with displaying remarks to markers
  • Next week
    • figure out why the save button was deleting marks and fixing that


  • This week
    • Fixed issue-1760 – Converted Student Interface’s marks spreadsheet table to React.js
    • Working on #1974: Add “Bonus” columns to spreadsheets
  • Next week
    • Work on issue #1974
    • Potentially work on #1704: Warn before browsing away whilst uploading spreadsheet marks
  • Others
    • It’s my first time working with React.js so any feedback on implementation would be appreciated


  • This week
    • Finished off #1795. PR still hasn’t been merged but I’m confident it’s done.
  • Next week
    • Start working on integrating MathJax. Will be mostly investigative work and maybe some playing around.


  • This week
    • Finished the first iteration of text annotation for specific text selections
      • implemented it by using javas execCommand function
      • this presented several new issues, including breaking original text selection method
      • decided it would be best to redo the highlight function and add classes to the text nodes between the end and start column then split the end/start into two spans, one to leave plain the other to highlight
    • fixed up the way the column offsets were calculated when there were multiple spans in the line
  • Next week
    • I need to finish implementing the new highlight method
      • all that’s left is to clean it up and handle a few edge cases.
  • Problems
    • struggled to parse all the DOM nodes, specifically finding the applied styles


  • This week
    • learning respec (BDD, Red/Green testing, basic tests, built in matchers, stubs vs mocks, fixtures and factories
    • examined present markus code
      • Looking at models and associations and attributes to understand DB structure
      • Write the tests for calculate_collection_time and calculate_grouping_collection_time to close ticket #218
  • Next week
    • to continue working on assigned tickets (adding new tests to some implementations)
    • to start looking into translating existing rake tests into RSpec
  • Problems
    • understanding the reasoning/meaning behind some of the code
      • assignment.latest_due_date + hours_sum.hours and hours_sum is always 0. Type casting?


  • This week
    • NA
  • Next week
    • NA

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