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Status Report – Jan 23 2015

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  • Last week
    • Confirmed existence of #2014
    • Refactored a bit of the remark display in the results controller
    • Made old marks populate the marks fields when remarking assignments (issue 1975)
  • This week
    • Fix issues 2014 and 1869


  • Last week
    • worked on issue 76: Disallow non-AssignmentFiles option in Assignment Properties. done and pushed. The major challenge: work on the front end (styling). Had to learn the basis of jQuery to make options pop up in the right places.
    • learning RSpec from the scratch by video tutorials. Reading report provided by one of the students who worked on Markus previously. So far so good.
  • This week
    • review the RSpec tickets assigned by David and find the easiest one to start with.
    • If I would require more time to learn RSpec, my plan is to find some unsigned issues that I could work on in the meantime.


  • Last week
    • worked on getting the text annotations to display on only the selected text and not the entire line
    •  managed to get the start and end columns saved into the database while handling a few edge cases
    • made progress getting the data back out of the DB and to the client side.
  • This week
    • Finish off annotations.
  • Having trouble with
    • working with bare bones JS to be consistent with the rest of the annotation class and keep the client side processing to a minimum
    • staying awake after experiencing jet lag and getting back into the swing of things
  • Addendum
    • It turns out that not all of my changes were committed to github, I would assume due to my own user error. It will put me back at least a few hours but I should be able to redo the work and meet my goals regardless. I’ll consider this a lesson learned.


  • Last week
    • Fixed issue 1917. There was an issue with links in the dashboard for spreadsheets and assignments going to settings instead of what would be expected
    • Fixed issue 1884. Flexible criteria could not be downloaded. This was happening because the client was making a POST instead of a GET
    • Worked on issue 1795. The error message for criteria created with a duplicate name was awful. I’ve gotten the message fixed but this broke some tests. I’m in the process of converting the broken tests (and their respective files) to RSPEC
  • This week
    • Looking to finish off issue 1795 (third bullet point above)
    • Will start investigating my project
    • Will need to learn javascript (I’ll probably do some tutorials or something and incessantly annoy Ryan with questions)
  • Having trouble with
    • RSPEC doesn’t make sense (maybe I can’t find the right docs?)
    • Reading docs on
    • Specifically trying to understand how to properly use helper methods for the tests


  • Last week
    • Learning react framework – tutorials, studying implementations in codebase
    • Updating Student Marks Spreadsheet Table to React (Issue 1760)
  • This week
    • Complete updating Student Marks Spreadsheet Table to React (Issue 1760)
    • Add Bonus Column to Spreadsheet


  • Last week
    • few more rails tutorials, began (re)familiarizing self with vagrant, bash, virtualbox, etc
    • Not much substantial yet, catching up on classes and stuff
  • This week
    • Begin research/work on #1804 (refactoring Flexible/Rubric criterion models)
    • If possible, begin on issue #1973, but that’s probably a low priority feature atm, and 1804 will likely take at least a few weeks given how little I know of Rails.

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