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Status Report – December 5

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This Week:

  • Completed the PDF annotation editor/viewer (i.e. view, load, save, delete)

Next Week

  • Fix an issues from the last pull request.


Jakub Subczynski

Final Week

  • renamed methods throughout codebase:
    • Assignment#past_due_date? to #past_all_due_dates?
    • Assignment#what_past_due_date to #section_names_past_due_date
    • Assignment#section_past_due_date?(grouping) to #grouping_past_due_date?(grouping)
  • created Issue #1926 regarding the intended functionality of Assignment#past_all_due_dates? when there the assignment has sections
  • created RSpec tests for:
    • Assignment#grade_distribution_as_percentage
    • Assignment#get_detailed_csv_report



This week:

  • Updated code about Relation#all
  • Reported some issues

Next time:



Last Week:

  • have a code fix updating the submissions table to display real associated tags
  • final exams and end of term projects have kept me pretty busy

Next Week

  • Will be done finals Thursday of next week
  • will work on implementing RSpec tests, any remaining features for tagging and writing a blog post

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December 5th, 2014 at 3:52 pm

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