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Status Report – December 2

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Last Week:

  • Added test cases to Assignments rspec tests
  • Updated Main Controller functional test
  • Added Marks Spreadsheets quick links to dashboard & colour-coded due dates

This Week:

  • Make some final visual changes in assignment summaries


Last Week:

  • looking over React tables to determine which need a custom sort
  • custom sort function for grace credits (sort by fractional value remaining/total)
  • small refactoring of last week’s sort functions
  • addressing comments from @david-yz-liu and @houndci on PR #1906

This Week:

  • making the compare functions more general; moving some of the parsing work back into table.js


Last Week:

  • Fixed up some of the changes with the Tags view.
  • Moved the Tags view link up to the sub menu. It was previously located in the sub sub menu. Tags are global in scope as opposed to confined to an assignment.
  • Got most of the Results view working. Tags can now be assigned and unassigned from particular submissions. This was done using Ajax to prevent page loads every time a tag is assigned.

This Week:

  • Bug fixes?
  • Finishing up the Tag feature.

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December 2nd, 2014 at 9:50 pm

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