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Status Report – November 28

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Jakub Subczynski

This Week

  • Refactored Assignment spec:
    • grouped certain tests (i.e. association and validation tests)
    • replaced `.to be` and `.not_to be` with `.to be true` and `.to be false` when expecting a boolean value
    • other small improvements
  • RSpec tests for:
    • Assignment#section_due_date (and rewrote actual method)
    • Assignment#past_due_date?
    • Assignment#latest_due_date
    • Assignment#section_past_due_date? (and modified actual method)
    • Assignment#what_past_due_date
  • Started putting RSpec blog post together

Next Week

  • Complete blog post and
  • You guessed it — more tests!



This Week

  • Completed drawing/displaying annotations.
  • Completed saving annotations.
  • Worked on loading existing annotations.

Next Week

  • Complete loading existing annotations.
  • Update/Write blog post on the status of annotations and how they work.



This Week

  • Worked on TODOs in the comment that is related to rails 4
  • Change:
    find_all_by_… to where(…),
    find_or_create_by_ to find_or_create_by,
    find_last_by_ to where(…).last
  • Manual tests

Next Week

  • Write a blog post
  • I found some errors caused by the new “all()” api today, I will update the code related to it.
  • Manual tests and discover more errors

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November 28th, 2014 at 2:04 pm

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