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Status Report – November 25

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Last Week

  • Fixed Ruby development environment after it was broken from revert merge from master
  • Learning how to write tests for class methods, confused about how to create the test data. Worked on rspec tests and updating rake test for new method in Assignments model
  • Manual testing on dashboard

This Week

  • Finish rspec tests and make pull request
  • Add spreadsheets summary to dashboard


Last Week

  • Opened PR with changes to associate grouping and tags upon tag creation (in one specific workflow), moved methods to a TagsHelper module to allow access from different controllers, set up a variable in the resultscontroller to display tags not associated to current grouping
  • Manual testing to show the association created between tags and groupings work
  • reading and research into routes.rb, still very confused!

This Week

  • continued work on the submissions table and the results view.



Last Week

  • new compare functions for React tables custom sorting
    • some time spent doing it the wrong way (passing extra data to the view) and then discussing/clarifying the right way (relevant commit; other work was not pushed to github before I changed it).
  • writing up work on sorting for blog

This Week

  • add custom sorts where needed in other tables (?)
  • look into filtering problems



Last Week

  • Added features for the Tag view. These include edit modals, tag delete buttons, create new modal, download yml.
  • Worked on the routes file. Created routes to allow for the functions defined above. There are still issues with the routes table and certain things aren’t working properly.
  • Added some features to the controller to help assist with CSV upload and download, YML download, tag creation, etc.

Next Week

  • Bug fixes for the tagging features.
  • Start on the tagging features on the Submissions view.
  • Fixed routes.rb so that routes are defined for the tagging features.

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November 25th, 2014 at 1:14 pm

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