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Status Report – November 21

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This Week:

  • Continued work on the drawing system for annotations in the PDF view. Originally I was trying to use as much of the existing image annotation system as possible, unfortunately I have discovered that the way they work are too different and I am not creating a specific annotation manager for the PDF’s.
  • Read through a ton of Javascript and HTML to decipher how the current annotation drawings are done on images.

Next Week:

  • Finish the drawing, saving, and loading of annotations on the PDF.
  • Clean up as much code as possible before the final week.


Jakub Subczynski

This Week

  • Migrated testing of the following methods: Assignment#assigned_groups, Assignment#unassigned_groups and Assignment#add_group
  • Updated rspec matchers that checked if two arrays were equal from eq() to match_array() so that order is not considered. This caused intermittent failing when the order of the retrieved records varied with the local array. Order does not matter in the modified cases.
  • Improved readability and slightly optimized Assignment#add_group method. Both tests suites still pass with my modifications.

Next Week

  • More RSpec testing/migrations
  • Publish blog post: “RSpec tips for Markus”


This week:

  • Updated and removed some gems
  • Upgraded rails from 4.0 to 4.1
  • Fix errors caused by the upgrade

Next week:

  • Merge master to rails4_new branch

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November 21st, 2014 at 3:58 pm

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