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Status Report Nov 18th

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Last Week

  • Modified existing create function to handle adding a tag from tag view and from individual submission view, (individual submission view will also associate the created tag with the grouping right away)
  • Add operation to grab tags not associated with the provided grouping

Next Week

  • Test workflows and fix bugs encountered.


Last Week

  • Modified assignments model, main controller and main index view to display the most ‘recent’ assignment upon load. I mistakenly merged master into my dashboard branch and David asked me to undo the merge and make a new pull request. During that process, however, I messed up my development environment (getting errors) so I am working on fixing that.

Next Week

  • Add spreadsheets to dashboard
  • Rearrange elements based on wireframe design



This Week

  • Pull Request #1878 (last week’s accomplishments)
  • Opened Issue #1877
  • Pull Request #1892: removed old references to populate_repo_browser
    • still addressing some HoundCi comments on that
  • added capability for custom sort functions on React Table columns

Next Week

  • fix more tables that don’t sort correctly
  • possible write-up on sort behaviour… it wasn’t actually a hard fix and I’m not yet sure if there is enough info there for a ‘significant’ piece of writing



This Week:

  • Modified the Tag controller to allow for tags to be created and for tags to be uploaded.
  • Got the React table in the Tags view to display tags that are stored in the ActiveRecord. Also allowed for users to create tags using the Create New Tag dialog.
  • Started work on the Individual Submission page by adding in code to display tags that were assigned to a particular submission. Also started working on the ability for users to tag submissions with a particular tag.

Next Week:

  • Completion of the Tag view. The React table will have the “Edit” and “Delete” links working as well as the CSV upload and download dialog boxes working.
  • The individual submissions view will be fully complete. Users will be able to assign submissions with tags, remove assignments of tags and view the top used tags in the system.

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November 18th, 2014 at 2:06 pm

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