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Status Summary – November 14, 2014

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Jakub Subczynski

This Week

  • Pull Requests:
    • Removal of unused Assignment#no_grouping_students_list method.
    • Renaming of Assignment#graded_submissions method to ‘graded_submission_results’ (as it returns a set of Results)
    • Test migration/improvement of 2 Assignment methods #groups_submitted and #add_csv_group

Next Week

  • Continue migration/improvement of Assignment model tests


This Week

  • Added strong parameters of assignment model and update helper file
  • Updated some test cases according to the new rails API
  • Did some manual tests under admin

Next Week

  • Continue working on manual tests


This Week

  • Merge pull request #1857 (Split view on dashboard)
  • Working on the assignment summary view (according to the wireframe)

Next Week

  • Submit pull request for the revamped assignment summary view
  • Implement logic to display the most “current” assignment


This Week:

  • Continued work on integrating the annotation system.
  • Removed unnecessary files from pdf.js and optimize the viewer loading time


  • Tried to use the current annotation system for the pdf’s. I think it is incompatible with the needs for creating annotations on a pdf. I am still trying to use the existing code for selection of areas to draw annotations and then implement a annotation rendering part on top of that.

Next Week:

  • Finish javascript side of creating annotations.
  • Begin working on the server side saving of annotations.

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November 14th, 2014 at 3:51 pm

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