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Status Report – November 11th

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This Week:

  • Coordinated with Nathan regarding the Tagging feature back-end. Started looking into linking the views with the controller.
  • Cleaned up view code and continued to add in features that didn’t require the Tagging controller.

Next Week:

  • Linking the Tagging controller with the views.
  • Have a working prototype of the Tagging feature that involves the simple creation and deletion of a tag.



This Week:

  • Sorting repo files table by revised-by or last-modified no longer breaks the table
  • Current path breadcrumb no longer breaks when assignment repository  root folder is selected. It was appending the assignment repository folder name repeatedly (e.g. /A1/A1 each time you selected /A1).

Next Week:

  • Sort last-modified dates as dates instead of strings
  • Fix revision selection
  • File Manager view


  • I think I have a better understanding of the revision selection problem as described here. I spent a while investigating this. I thought perhaps there was an off-by-one error with the controller using 0-based revisions and the view using 1-based, but now I think revision 0 is just a weird case that *does* exist, but isn’t actually accessible.

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November 13th, 2014 at 11:22 am

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