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Status Report – November 7th

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This Week:

  • Worked on the text drawing annotations. Currently I am trying to use interface the image annotation system with the pdf viewer so that the same code can be used in both places.
  • Removed unnecessary code in the viewer and added more optimizations.
  • Fixed more display and css bugs.

Next Week:

  • Continue work on the annotation system.
  • Save annotations from the pdf to the database.


This Week:

test/functional/grade_entry_forms_controller_test.rb (20 errors)
test/functional/groups_controller_test.rb (1 error)
test/functional/marks_graders_controller_test.rb (3 errors)
test/functional/notes_controller_test.rb (18 errors)
test/functional/main_controller_test.rb (12 errors)
test/functional/role_switching_test.rb (2 failures)
test/functional/groups_controller_csv_upload_test.rb (2 failures)
test/functional/submissions_controller_test.rb (1 warning)
test/functional/results_controller_test.rb (4 errors)

Next Week:

test/functional/automated_tests_controller_test.rb (13 tests, 12 assertions, 5 failures, 2 errors, 0 skips)
test/unit/helpers/ensure_config_helper_test.rb (9 tests, 5 assertions, 0 failures, 1 errors, 0 skips)
test/unit/markus_logger_test.rb (20 tests, 20 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors, 0 skips)
test/unit/submission_collector_test.rb (16 tests, 50 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors, 0 skips)
spec/models/grade_entry_student_spec.rb (12 examples, 1 failure)
spec/controllers/groups_controller_spec.rb (16 examples, 3 failures)

Jakub Subczynski

This Week

  • Migrated more rspec tests. Assignment rake tests down to 800 lines
  • Identified codebase improvements consisting of removing an unused method and renaming a method
  • Faced issue creating an rspec test to test Assignment#graded_submissions. I did not realize I needed to set `version_used_submission` for Submission in order for it to be picked up as a valid submission so I kept on receiving zero submissions To solve, I removed FactoryGirl and created all of the necessary records manually, using data from development. When that worked, I started removing attributes and swapping in FactoryGirl for each record to narrow down the source of the issue.

Next Week

  • Create more tests for Assignment methods and remove rake tests that relate the to method
  • Remove invalid_override from Markus
  • Remove unused Assignment#submissions_by(user)

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November 7th, 2014 at 3:40 pm

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