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Status Report – November 4

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This Week:

  • Figured out how to add to student repos with svn
  • Added subdirectories and previous directory link to repo files table
  • Fixed current path/breadcrumbs display (was showing html instead of actual links)
  • Removed some unneeded code/files

Next Week:

  • Fix sorting in repo files table (probably need a custom sort after all; will most likely refactor table.js to make custom sorting definitions work similar to custom filers, as Lawrence Wu suggests)
  • Fix revision selection
  • Start on File Manager table conversion


  • Some time spent fixing svn ruby bindings on my desktop
  • Some time spent looking at how the db is seeded. I don’t really get it.
  • Sorting by revised_by and last_modified don’t work. I didn’t notice before modifying the repo since all the files had the same values for those columns.
  • Selecting a revision by number or with the date picker don’t appear to update the files table. With some caveman debugging, I can see that @revision_number is changed temporarily, but seems to go back to the most recent revision after the update pdfs script is used. The page says it’s displaying revision N(timestamp of N) but the table data is still still for the most recent revision every time.
  • Spent a considerable amount of time figuring out the flow of control in the existing FilterTable; it seemed to bounce around between the view and controller a lot. The new flow models the submissions table more, but I wonder if the old flow had something to do with why the revision selection and sorting aren’t updating appropriately.
  • It took some doing to get the file download links to appear, just because I’m not a ruby expert and I wasn’t sure where the links should be formed (it’s in the controller now). Also, I was using the old *_table_row.html.erb for reference and accidentally copy/pasta’d the directory row link info from file manager instead of using the repo browser action.

Last Week

  • Open a pull request with the following changes
    • change to tags migration file to capture name and description content
    • addition of assignment_tags migration file to capture many to many association
      • this change came up looking at Bryan’s UI, may need to sync with him if we actually want this
    • when submissions table is loaded, tags for each grouping is being pulled now (not shown in UI yet)
    • Add tags functionality is the tag view and in the individual submission view should create a tag now associated with the assignment, not yet associated to the individual submission/grouping
    • a few other tag operations in tag_controller I anticipate will support other tagging features.
  • created a google doc with Bryan to go sync over what’s needed for each tagging operation

This Week

  • continue going through the list of features and implement the backend operations needed
  • also I want to revisit some of the operations i wrote this week, I think I may need to use params[] to get the to work the way I’m anticipating they’ll be used.  this is a part of ruby im a little hazy about.

This Week:

  • Created a blog post to outline all the new view changes in MarkUs. Looking for feedback from other users.
  • Collaborated with Nathan regarding our next steps in connecting the views with the controller.
  • Continued to update the views for the Tags. Added in any features that do not require the controller (ie, word counter, moving tags from assigned to not assigned list, etc).

Next Week:

  • Finalize the views and start working on linking the models and controller to the views!

Last week:

  • Still trying to implement the functionality for list of assignments to change the assignment details on the right side. Spent 10+ hours on the controller/routing issue but can’t seem to pass the assignment variable. Getting the ‘undefined method `short_identifier’ for nil:NilClass’ error. David is trying to help me but I am still unable to fix the issue at the moment.

Next week:

  • Hopefully move on to implementing the logic to display the ‘current’ assignment.

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November 4th, 2014 at 5:34 pm

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