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Status Report – October 31

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This Week:

  • Completed initial prototype of PDF viewer.
  • Learned how the asset pipeline works so that all the files needed for the viewer can be compiled as one.

Next Week:

  • Fix bug where the viewer javascript is loaded for each new pdf request.
  • Begin adding annotations.


 Jakub Subczynski

This Week:

  • Rewrote Assignment#group_assignment?
  • Increased code coverage by creating new test
  • Migrated some rake tests over

Next Week:

  • Continue test migration


  • Spent considerable amount of time troubleshooting a failing test I wrote


This Week:

  • Ran test one by one /test/unit directory (model tests) and fixed test errors

Next Week:

  • Fix test errors under /test/functional directory (controller)


test/functional/automated_tests_controller_test.rb (13 tests, 12 assertions, 5 failures, 2 errors, 0 skips)
test/functional/grade_entry_forms_controller_test.rb (20 errors)
test/functional/groups_controller_csv_upload_test.rb (2 failures)
test/functional/groups_controller_test.rb (1 error)
test/functional/main_controller_test.rb (12 errors)
test/functional/marks_graders_controller_test.rb (3 errors)
test/functional/notes_controller_test.rb (18 errors)
test/functional/results_controller_test.rb (4 errors)
test/functional/role_switching_test.rb (2 failures)
test/functional/submissions_controller_test.rb (1 warning)

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October 31st, 2014 at 2:29 pm

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