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Status Report – October 28

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This Week:
  • Completed initial prototypes for the Tagging feature views. This includes a new tagging view and additions to the Submissions and Results views to implement the tagging features.
  • Created CSS elements for tags and tagging features.
  • Improved my proficiency in CSS.

Next Week:

  • Getting feedback on the initial prototype and making improvements to it.
  • Cleaning up some of the visual elements to make them conform to the MarkUs standard.
This Week:
  • Learned about how the controller connects with the models and views
  • Completed¬†dashboard design (sketch and wireframe)
  • Started implementation of the new dashboard. I have split the view into two with the list of assignments and grading spreadsheets on the left but I am still trying to change the view on the right through links in the list. Still trying to figure out how the controller links to the view (getting a nil class error)

Next Week:

  • Continue to implement the dashboard. Next I will need to implement the functionality t hat determines which assignment to display.
Last Week
  • finished implementing proof-of-concept to create tags associated with groupings, save in database, and retrieve tags by groupings when loading submissions table
  • minor revisions to migration files as a result of the code I implemented this week
  • opened pull request with migration files and models
Next Week
  • I’m not quite sure what I should do prior to Bryan’s view implementation being merged into the tagging branch.¬† Once that is merged in, I will implement the code in the correct places to allow creation of tags wherever he has created an UI to do so.¬† Also I will implement the code to retrieve tags wherever tags are displayed.
Last Week
  • converting repo browser table to React

Next Week

  • finish converting repo browser table to React

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October 28th, 2014 at 3:49 pm

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