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Status Reports – Oct 21

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Last Week

  • revised the proposed schema for database definitions upon further research/readings
  • implemented two migration files for creating Tags Model and a join table for the has_many_and_belongs_to relationships between tags and groupings
  • implemented some code to retrieve tags for each grouping when the submissions table is loaded (hasn’t been tested yet)

This Week

  • sync up with David/Bryan about my migration files
  • implement code to create tags (need to sync with Bryan exactly what information the user will enter for each tag i.e. name, description) etc.
  • once code to create tags is implemented, test creating tags and retrieving when submissions table loaded


Last Week

  • revised Dashboard plan based on feedback from Karen and David
  • sketched three versions of Dashboard wireframes and chose one with feedback from David
  • started implementing the changes (phase one: separate the view with list on the left that controls the details on the right)

This Week

  • continue implementation of new design
  • commit phase one


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October 21st, 2014 at 6:22 pm

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