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Status Reports – October 14

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Last week:
  • Fixed and closed Issue #1720 –¬†Ascending/Descending icons change column widths
  • Emailed dashboard plan to Karen and David
This week:
  • Revise plan based on feedback and design wireframes
This week:
  • Submitted a new view for issue #1726 ( The Flexible Criteria view now has an upload dialog that only enables its upload button when a file is selected.
  • Added and improved a Tag view for the tagging feature. This view is not connected to a working controller but has working upload, download, create dialogs and a React table that is currently filled with “dummy data”.
  • Submitted a post to the MarkUs blog outlining the tagging feature and upcoming features for it.
Next week:
  • Adding tag functionality to the submissions page and the assignment screen. This will allow filtering by tag and assigning tags to assignments. This will still not be connected to the tag controller.


Last Week:

  • Looked over the database schema and wrote up proposed changes to the schema for the tagging project
  • Read up on ActiveRecord
  • Unfortunately did not have much time to work on Markus due to other course commitments and going out of town for Thanksgiving weekend

This Week:

  • Begin implementing changes reflected by the proposed changes to the database schema
  • implement logic to create new tags, query for tags, and display tags next to submissions
Last week:
  • checking out React.js tutorials
  • looking over existing React tables for reference
This week:

  • conversion of table in Repository view to React

Note: I had a hectic sort of week and didn’t put much time¬†into this course; my goal for this week is to put in a minimum of 10h and make up for lost time the following week, which should be less busy.

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October 14th, 2014 at 7:58 pm

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