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Status Report October 7th

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Last Week:

  • ¬†closed rspec tests and issue 1701
  • started back end investigations for tagging project
  • investigated how to interact with database, putting, getting etc.

This Week:

  • grab Bryan’s starter code when it’s ready
  • hash out concrete design and schema changes
  • start implementing the back end

Last week:

– Made revisions to grouping rspec test file

– Closed Pull Request #1800

This week:

– Write plan for dashboard and send to Karen and David

– Close Issue #1720
This week:
  • Submitted an updated fix for issue #1726 ( This improved the javascript code such that multiple independent file upload boxes each with their own upload buttons could be controlled independently of each other.
  • Created a model, controller and new view for the tagging system. This new view can be accessed off each assignment page. It allows administrators to create, manage and delete tags. The view currently has no functionality.
  • A major roadblock was learning how to incorporate views into MarkUs. It took several hours to ensure the links and stylesheets all worked for the new view.

Next week:

  • Improving the tag view.
  • Adding tag functionality to the submissions page and the assignment screen. From here, TAs can see tagged assignments and can tag assignments with preset tags.
Last week:
  • testing issue #1722
This week:

  • get a feel for React tables
  • begin conversion of table in Repository view to React

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October 7th, 2014 at 5:38 pm

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