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Status Report for Sept 30th

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Last Week:

  • address comments on rpsec pr and resubmitted pr
  • submitted a pr for issue #1701 (download all files button not working, include annotations not working for single file downloads)

This Week:

  • address any comments on two outstanding prs
  • start working on submission tagging project
  • code investigation, how to interact with database
  • what steps need to be taken to display table?
  • what steps need to be taken to insert tags and associate it with a submission?


This week:
* Created and sent out user study questionnaire regarding MarkUs dashboard
* Submitted pull request for Group model RSpec tests
Next week:
* Fix Issue #1720 “Ascending/Descending icons change column widths”
* Gather responses to questionnaire and start designing wireframes (Issue #1668 Revamp Admin Dashboard)


Last week:
  • learning more ruby/rspec
  • testing issue #1722
  • addressing Hound comments on issue #1722 and AssignmentFile spec
This week:

  • finish testing issue #1722 (i.e. issue #1799)
  • get a feel for React tables
  • begin conversion of table in Repository view to React
Last week:
* started getting a feel for the RJS files in app/views understanding what I have to change.
* Understanding how to transition the code in app/views from prototype to jquery.
This week:
* continue to learn what exactly needs to be changed in the RJS files
* and implement the changes from prototype to jquery
This week:
  • Submitted a fix for issue #1726 ( This issue was a stylistic problem where upload buttons would remain enabled even when a file was not selected. Now, a jQuery script was written that only enables the button when a file is selected. This change was implemented across multiple modal dialogs.
  • Started working on the back-end for the new assignment tagging system by creating model and controller Ruby scripts for the tags. With this, a schema was created to illustrate what data needed to be stored and the relationships between the Tag model and other models.
  • A major roadblock was understanding how Ruby on Rails stores data using ActiveRecord. This roadblock is still ongoing but the issue is starting to make more sense.
Next week:
  • Getting a simple working model and controller implemented for the Tag feature. Although it won’t have full functionality, it will serve as a starting point for implementing the tagging feature.

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September 30th, 2014 at 12:46 pm

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