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Status Report for Sept 26th

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Last Week:

  • Attended the Code Sprint in Toronto!
  • Submitted pull request for rspec tests.
  • Worked on the CSV large file upload issue (#1766).
  • Started researching pdf annotation improvements.

This Week:

  • We were going to try and setup a VM similar to the production server so that the CSV issue and be replicated and logged. When that is complete I will continue trying to resolve this issue.
  • Write a blog post regarding the state of web annotations on PDF’s.
  • Create prototypes of the PDF annotation feature with PDF.js to determine the feasibility of a new annotation system.


Last Week:

  • Attended Code Sprint
  • Fixed issue #1768 (API for adding users doesn’t work for REMOTE_USER_AUTH)
  • Fixed issue #1718 (Submissions table missing asset)

This Week:

  • In the process of becoming an rspec master.
  • Started translating the assignment rake test to an rspec test.
  • Also thoroughly going though the assignment model logic itself; added association options and attribute contraints


Last Week:

  • Attended Code Sprint
  • Fixed issue #1714 (“Reset API Key” button causes help text to show )
  • Fixed issue #1655 (Adding two flexible criteria *WITH SAME NAME* silently fails)
  • Started Mark model rspec test

This Week:

  • Continue working on Mark model rspec test
  • Make a plan for what need to be changed for the upgrade

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September 26th, 2014 at 11:27 am

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