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Status Report for Sept 15th

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This week:
  • The development environment for the MarkUs Project was setup using Vagrant and Ubuntu 13.
  • Submitted pull request #1750 ( for a fix to issue #1728 ( This issue was a bug that improperly formatted hyperlinks on the assignment dropdown for assignments marked as hidden. To test the fix, several new assignments were created and marked as hidden. The assignment sidebar worked properly for all these new assignments.
  • There was some trouble setting up Vagrant and MarkUs on Windows.  To get around this, Ubuntu was installed and MarkUs was set up on this environment instead.
Next week:
  • Getting ready for the UCOSP code-sprint in Toronto! Working on new issues and fixing bugs.
This Week:
  • Setup a stable and usable virtual machine running to develop the application in. I had Vagrant running almost immediately and MarkUs shortly there after. However I then noticed that while the application was running in Vagrant there were very long page load times (20+ Seconds). Instead I imported the the VirtualBox machine into Parallels. That improved page load times to about a 1 – 5 seconds on average.
  • I fixed Issue #1493 and submitted a pull request. This was a problem with how totals were displayed and updated in the marks spreadsheet.
  • I noticed the “total_grade” column is managed in ruby and am unsure why this value is being calculated server side and having to be managed manually when it could simply be a calculated SQL column. I have filed an issue (#1762) in regards to this.

Next Week:

  • If Issue #1762 is approved I would like to fix that issue.
  • Complete some more tasks/issues. Possibly some of the spreadsheet related items since I now have some experience working with that component in the application.
  • Attend the Code Sprint!
This week:
  • Set up development environment. There was trouble setting up MarkUs on Windows 8.1 so Ubuntu 14.04 was installed and it is now working fine.
  • Familiarizing myself with Ruby and Git.
  • Work on Issue #1759.
Next week:
  • Fix Issue #1759, test and submit pull request.
  • Head to Code Sprint in Toronto!
This week:
  • Fixed Issues #1746 & #1748. Pull requests have been accepted.
Next week:
  • Determine why some rake tests appear as failing for my environment. Potentially create a couple of issues — depending on their validity — and pick up more issues to tackle.

This week:

  • Set up dev environment.  Have a fix for issue 1730
Before code sprint:
  • submit pull request for my fix

This week:

  • Set up development environment.
  • Read development guideline and other documentation of Markus
  • Submit pull request of issue-1735
Next week:
  • More reading and prepare for the Sprint.
  • Wait for feedback of the pull request.

This week:

  • Setting up the development environment. Had some issues dual booting Linux Mint 17 and Windows 8.1 and had to format/repartition my poor laptop 4-5 times (all is well now).
  • Reading up on Git and Ruby tutorials
  • Reading developer guidelines for MarkUs

Next week:

  • Continue getting familiar with Ruby, Rails and MarkUs
  • Get assigned an issue to work on
  • Attend Code Sprint!

Alex & Mark
This week:

  • Solve issue #1456 which is related to SVN repo creation issues (which is a good primer to our main project listed for next week)
Next week:
  • Continue our investigation into how Git has been integrated so far into Markus on the Git branch and assess the contributed code for quality before adding more.

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September 15th, 2014 at 11:22 pm

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