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Rails 4 Upgrade Notes

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The Upgrading to Rails 4 guide is a good first step to understanding what needs to be changed. Rails’ own Upgrading Guide also has a list of things to pay attention to. Neither guide is a superset of the other, and I have had to look elsewhere to solve a few of the upgrading issues.

Here is a short list of the upgrading tasks that I could not back port which caused varying amounts of trouble:




You will want to look more closely at the versions that the first guide suggests. In most cases a newer maintenance release of a gem are available and should be selected instead.

One exception to this is the sass-rails gem. It will need to be set to version 4.0.1. Why? Because MarkUs needs a newer version of Sass. Sass 3.3.x is required because Sass 3.2.x fails to parse MarkUs scss code. Though it does not appear to make sense, the older sass-rails gem had a looser version specification for sass, and so by rolling back sass-rails to 4.0.1 we allow bundler to choose a newer version of sass itself.

When removing strong_parameters from the Gemfile, do not add the protected_attributes gem for backwards compatibility. MarkUs has already been upgraded to use strong parameters. Since strong_parameters is part of Rails 4, it should not be listed in the Gemfile.

Lastly, the minitest gem should be removed. Ralis 4 depends on minitest itself; it is best to avoid conflicting version requirements.




The catch-all route should get changed to work via :all HTTP verbs if possible:




In config/application.rb:20 “config.action_view.javascript_expansions” should be deleted. And then you will need to update the the “javascript_include_tag :defaults” line in  app/views/layouts/no_menu_header.html.erb to use the ‘application’ (with quotes) instead of :defaults.

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August 14th, 2014 at 6:58 am

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