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Status Report for April 10

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Zach Munro-Cape

This Week: Started staging my commit for a clean pull request

Road Blocks: git specific commands to untangle my current repo
Next Week: Meet up with Rafael and Tiago to discuss our approach on the git backend

Jeremy Winter

-Finished issue #1402

-Finished tagging system specs

Cornell Team:

Current Week:

– work on the help system on several pages and style. We decide that we will use 2 style of help text box depending on the pages.  Finished 5 pages.

Next Week:

– continue working on the help system on other pages.


-continued work on the help system

-implemented the ability to add both tooltips and larger big boxes for embedded documentation


– worked on help-system

– change the style of the help textbox and add 2 styles of boxes (large box on the right and tooltip boxes)

– add another style of help icon for title.


– Worked with Alex and Chris on new designs for the Help system

– Fixed a minor bug on the help system implementation on the Assignment page that caused the help messages to be rendered incorrectly on other pages using the same form, besides ‘Add Assignment’. Help system implementation now moved to form level for this content.


This Week: Started studying gitbackend code, solved issues 1324 and 1388

Road Blocks: The integration between gitolite gem and rugged gem.
Next Week: I’m still studying gitolite server and rugged and how to change svn code to make it work
Also meet up with Rafael and Zach to discuss our approach on the git backend. I’m wrinting a document to help this implementation, but for the moment is in portuguese and local, as long as I make it work, I’ll update the blog


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