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Simple Grade Entry: Design Update

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Karen and I met yesterday to discuss the new simple grade entry feature. We went over the ideas and questions I mentioned in my initial design proposal. Here are the changes/implementation details that we discussed:

Grade Entry Form Creation:

A grade entry form is going to be treated as an assignment. This new feature will be found under the “Assignments” tab. We are going to add a new button that says “Create New Grade Entry Form” (this means that the old creation button for assignments will need to be renamed to “Create New Assignment” and “Choose Assignment” will be renamed to simply “Choose…” for now.) The creation form will contain most of the properties I described in my last post. However, in order to specify the columns for the grade entry form, the instructor will click on something like “Add Column” and enter a column name and the total number of marks for that question. The instructor can then continue to add as many columns as desired.

Views for Instructors, TAs, and Students:

1) Instructors

  • For instructors, a grade entry form will have a properties view, a graders view, and a table view.
  • From the graders view, instructors will be able to assign TAs to specific grade entry forms. TAs will be given permission to edit the entire form. We’re also going to allow multiple TAs to be assigned to a single grade entry form. This means that we might need to watch out for race conditions. However, technically, two TAs should never find themselves in a situation where they are both modifying the same table cell at the same time. But, if this does happen, then a reasonable solution is to let the last writer win.
  • From the table view, the instructor should also be able to download or upload the grade entry form in CSV format.

2) TAs

  • Grade entry forms will appear on a TA’s main page along with the assignments he/she needs to mark. The TA will be able to click on a grade entry form and then the table view will get displayed.

3) Students

  • Grade entry forms will appear on a student’s main page along with his/her assignments. The student’s total mark will be displayed on this page and the student will be able to click on a grade entry form to see the breakdown of the marks.

I think we now have the design details sorted out. Now, it’s time to start on the implementation!

Written by Farah Juma

October 15th, 2009 at 5:50 pm

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  2. This comment might be worth a full blog post, but I’ll start here.

    We were looking for a generic name that would include Assignment and Grade entry. “Item of term work” or “course work item” were the closest we could come up with, but they seemed to cumbersome to use as a title. Let us know if you have a good one.


    16 Oct 09 at 2:57 pm

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