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Status Reports for Mar 27

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This week: Started working on #1379 and found a bug and created issue #1402. Began working on this issue as well. Met with Andrew and Sheng and began writing specs for the tagging system

Roadblocks: Everything was cleared up in the meeting, no current roadblocks

Next week: Meet with Sheng and Andrew again to finish up the specs and post them to the blog. If time permits (exams are close), continue work on the issues above.


This week: 

– Fixed issue #1340, escaping characters that get interpreted in HTML when viewing the content of student submissions on the browser.

– Logged issue #1404,


– In Master, the Submissions File Manager displays an empty list when there are submitted files (issue #1404), so I spent some time trying to get around that and doublechecking that it was not an error on my part before going to 1.0.x where it did work.

Next week:

– Will work on fixing issue #1404


This week: Discussed implementation for the tagging system further and started writing a functional specification document to use for implementation.

Next week: Continue working on document and work out design issues that arise


This Week: Create mock up ui to display a view of all of an individual student’s work.

Roadblocks: It took quite a lot of time finding files/objects/methods relevant to a page.

Next Week: Crate a stedent’s work view


This Week: Resolved previous confusion regarding open and close methods for Repositories and the git implementation (no real change in the implementation) as well as figured out the time-based methods that were causing issue for the previous term students

Roadblocks: Last week(s) of school are causing a fair amount of other-course-work that has detracted not only from available time but also quality of time spent.


Next week: Catch up on this week’s work before the official “end of term”

This summer: Continue working with Rafael and Tiago on the git backend


This week:

-This report

-Fixed lag and animation bugs (issue #1405)


-I have a lot of assignments and tests from other courses, so it is hard to find enough time to work

Cornell Team:

Next week:

Cornell is on Spring break next week, so we will not be working on MarkUs and will continue the week of April 7th.

Current Week:


– Worked on the help system: Updated the javascript to recognize help text within the same section. This now allows the help text for fields in an entire section to be toggled when the user clicks on a particular help icon. Completed help functionality using this approach for a couple sections in the Assignment form, displaying placeholder text created in the en.yml file.


– Had significant trouble running MarkUs after the latest pull. Had to manually install some gems, modify my gem file and migrate the database changes.

– It may be helpful for people to communicate any major changes and potential impacts to others


– Worked on the help system by creating a new JavaScript file which the help system will use. It now has the ability to click on the icon and display many or just one  help text box on the screen.


– Had a little trouble with pulling the latest version of Markus, but was able to fix it by re creating the database.

– Trouble understanding prototype and how jquery is integrated into Ruby on Rails but was able to get it working.


– Try to run the newly pulled Markus. (Still failed).

– Reinstall Ruby Gem and still failed.

– Help working on the help system together on Ope’s or Alex’s computer.

– Finally able to run Markus after reinstall everything.


– Unable to run MarkUs after pull the latest version from GIT. After pulling, we need to do bundle update / bundle install that always fail with an exception.



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