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Andrew Hernandez, Shenglong Gao and myself have started the design stage of tagging assignments.

On a project of this scale, many assignments get submitted; often, the administrators are in need of additional organizational options. Thus, we are starting a project with the intended goal of providing administrators with the ability to tag assignments with one or more tags in order to keep assignments more organized when it comes to searching for them. We are currently thinking that tags should be chosen from a list that the admin makes, as this would result in less errors compared to typing the tags manually.

For example, if an administrator wanted to search for all assignments that are related to Java and Arrays, the administrator could simply run a search and look for all assignments with the tags Java and Arrays. The search would then produce any and all assignments meeting with both of those tags present. This would improve organization, and allow for faster usage and a better over all user experience – something that is severely lacking in traditional marking systems.

This type of addition would instantiate a higher sense of organization to the MarkUs assignment structure. This system is in a very early stage of planning, and we are currently still deciding on how to begin the development as well as how the system will work in its entirety. If there are any suggestions on how to proceed, please feel free to comment!

Here is a video we found that we watched to gain a background in how tagging may be done:

Written by Jeremy Winter

March 18th, 2014 at 4:37 pm

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